Macaulay family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a lion ramp. gu. armed and langued az. in chief two dexter hands couped at the wrist of the second. Crest: A demi lion ramp. gu.

MAOLFOGHARTHACH, brother of Donall, who is No. 92 on the "Breen" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacAmhailgaidh; anglicised Macaulay, MacAuley, MacAwley, MacGawly, Magauly, MacGawley, McGauly, and Wythe. (Some genealogists would derive these families from Ithe, the Uncle of Milesius of Spain.)

92. Maolfogharthach: son of Creamthann.

93. Conn: his son.

94. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

95. Cathasach: his son.

96. Conn (2): his son.

97. Donall: his son.

98. Suibhneach: his son.

99. Foranan ("foran:" Irish, anger, a short verse): his son; a quo O'Foranain, anglicised Foran.

100. Cucroidhe ("croidhe:" Irish, a heart; Gr. "kardia"): his son.

101. Feargal: his son.

102. Amhailgadh ("amhail:" Irish, like; "gad," a withe, a willow twig): his son; a quo MacAmhailgaidh.

103. Hugh MacGawly: his son; first assumed this sirname.

104. Florence: his son.

105. Donall: his son.

106. Murtogh: his son.

107. Mór (or Magnus): his son.

108. Hugh (3): his son.

109. Murtogh (2): his son.

110. Amhailgadh [awly]: his son.

111. Awly Oge: his son.

112. Awly (4): his son.

113. Brian: his son.

114. Awly Mór: his son.

115. Awly Maol: his son.

116. Feargal (or Farrell) Carrach: his son.

117. Farrell Oge: his son.

118. Awly (5): his son.

119. William, of Williamstown, in Westmeath: his son.

120. Murtogh, of Williamstown: his son; married to Eliza, dau. of Hugh Coffey of Ro...... , co. Westmeath; died on 24th Feb., 1632.

121. Awly Magawly: his son. This Awly, who m. Elleanor, dau. of James FitzGerald, of Laragh, co. Westmeath, had five brothers—1. Owen, 2. Robert, 3. Richard, 4. Felim, 5. Gerald; he had also two sisters—1. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Dillon of Lissenack, co. Westmeath; and 2. Beamone, wife of Donoch O'Daly, son of Æneas O'Daly of Clonerillick, in the co. Westmeath.