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Of Galway

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Same as those of "Kirwan" (No. 1).

THOMAS KEOGH (or Caoch) KIRWAN, of Galway, had:

2. Thomas Oge, Alderman, who had:

3. Andrew, Alderman, who had:

4. Patrick, Alderman, who had:

5. Andrew, of Galway, Alderman, who d. 11th January, 1639. He m. Margaret, dau. of Edmund French, of Galway, Alderman, and had three sons and three daughters:

I. Patrick. [1]

II. Martin.

III. William.

I. Giles.

II. Mary.

III. Katherine.

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[1] Patrick: Patrick Kirwan was (in 1646) a member of the "Supreme Council of the Catholic Confederation," whose son Martin married into the Bodkin family, and was the father of Captain Patrick Kirwan, of Lord Bofin's Infantry, in the service of King James II. Captain Kirwan married in 1703 Mary, daughter of Richard Martin, of Dangan, and on the death of his father in 1705, succeeded to the Cregg estates.

He had two sons by that lady:—1. Martin, who succeeded him, and 2. Richard (died 1779), who was an officer in Dillon's regiment of the Irish Brigade. Martin, married Mary, daughter of Hyacinth French of Cloughballymore, co. Galway, and had four sons:—1. Patrick, who was killed in a duel, s. p.; 2. Richard, LL.D., the celebrated Chemist and Geologist (mentioned in p. 227 of Webb's Compendium of Irish Biography), and President of the Royal Irish Academy, he died in Dublin, on the 22nd of June, 1812; 3. Andrew; 4. Hyacinth.