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Of the County Clare

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Gu. three salmon naiant in pale ar.

DANIEL, the third son of Richard O'Cahan, who is No. 117 on the "Keane" (of Cappoquin) pedigree, was the ancestor of Keane of the county Clare.

118. Daniel O'Cahan: son of Richard; settled in the co. Clare, where he married a daughter of the Chief, Teige MacMahon, of Carrigaholt, who gave the said Daniel fourteen ploughlands in the western part of that county, as a marriage portion with his wife, the said daughter.

119. Hugh: son of Daniel; had a brother James, living in 1543, who resided on Scattery Island, and from whom, it is believed, the "Keane" family of Beech Park (Keane No. 3) is descended.

120. Bryan: son of Hugh.

121. Owen: his son.

122. Charles: his son.

123. Robert: his son; married a MacNamara; had a brother Owen (or Eugene), who died unmarried, of wounds received by him from one of Cromwell's staff officers, whom he killed.

124. Bryan: his son; married Mary, daughter of Daniel MacDonnell, whose grand-nephew was M.P. for the county of Clare. The issue of that marriage were fourteen sons and seven daughters. The eldest of these sons, Eugene, raised a company of 100 men at his own expense, at the time of the formation of the Clare Regiment, of which he was afterwards Captain; and was killed at the battle of Marsaglier, in Piedmont. Three other brothers of this Eugene, namely,—1. Charles, 2. Nicholas, and 3. Andrew (who died in 1755) went to, and also served as officers of distinction in, the Army of France, where some of their descendants still reside. One of the daughters of this Bryan was the mother of Lord Clare.

125. Robert, commonly known as "Robert of Ross" (Ross near Kilkee): son of Bryan; married to Anne Creagh. This Robert conformed to the Protestant Religion, and thus retained the estate in the county Clare; he was the first of this branch of the "O'Cahan" family who assumed the name Keane.

126. Charles of Kildimo: son of "Robert of Ross;" married Mary, daughter of Dean Freeman, of Castlecur, county Cork. This Charles had three brothers and two sisters: The brothers were—1. Thomas, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Captain Christopher O'Brien, of Ennistymon, widow of Charles MacDonnell, and mother of Charles MacDonnell of Kilkee, who was M.P. for the co. of Clare, in 1765, and for the borough of Ennis, in 1768, above alluded to; 2. Eugene, who was Captain in the Clare Regiment, was married to the sister of Francis Haller of the county of Kent, in England, and died without issue, in the service of France: 3. Richard, who became a barrister, and died young and unmarried. The sisters were—1. Anne (Anne Ruadh), who was richly married to Robert Keane [1] of Ballyvoe, Kilmaley, near Ennis; and 2. Margaret, who was married to Edmund Fitzgerald,[2] of Abbeyfeale, county Limerick.

127. John Buidhe, of Raha: son of Charles of Kildimo; had three sisters.

128. Charles, of Raha: his son. Had four brothers—1. John; 2. Robert; 3. Thomas; and 4. Owen, who was reputed one of the strongest men in Munster; and one sister who was married to MacMahon, of Kilcradare, Carrigaholt, who by the said sister was father of Lucy MacMahon (living in 1880), the widow of Michael Collins of Kilkee.

129. Charles, of Ballard, near Kilkee: only son of Charles of Raha.

130. Patrick, of Ballard: son of Charles; had three younger brothers—1. Charles, 2. Lawrence, 3. Thomas—all living in 1880.

131. Thomas Keane: eldest son of Patrick; b. Dec., 1859; had four brothers and three sisters: the brothers were—1. Peter, 2. Charles, 3. Patrick, 4. John—all living in 1880.

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[1] Robert Kean: This Robert Kean and Anne Keane were the parents of—1. Robert, who had a son named "Tom;" 2. Charles of Ballyvoe, and 3. Patrick. This Charles Kean, second son of Robert, was the first of this family who added e final to the name; he married a Miss Harding, and by her had two sons—1. Robert Fada, of Beech Park, near Ennis, county Clare, and 2. Charles, who was a Major in the Artillery, and died unm. This Robert Fada m. a Miss Delahunty, by whom he had eleven sons (three of whom d. in infancy), and five daughters: The sons who survived were—1. Charles, 2. Francis, 3. Thomas, 4. Giles, 5. Robert, 6. Marcus, 7. Rev. William, 8. Henry.

Marcus Keane, of Beechpark, Ennis (living in 1881), the sixth surviving son of Robert Fada, m. a Miss Westby, by whom he had a family.

[2] Edmund Fitzgerald: This Edmund Fitzgerald and Margaret Keane were the parents of Robert Fitzgerald, who died in 1806, aged 63 years. And this Robert was the father of Captain Charles (known as "Governor") Fitzgerald, R.N., C.B., of Kilkee, county Clare, living in 1887. To the courtesy of this Captain Fitzgerald we are largely indebted for much information (oral and MS.) in relation to this branch of the O'Cahan family.