Kavanagh (No.1) family genealogy

Lords of Leinster

Arms: Ar. a lion pass. gu. in base two crescents of the last.

DERMOD na-Ghall, who is No. 113 on the "MacMorough" pedigree, had a son named Donal Caomhanach, who was the ancestor of O'Caomhanaighe; anglicised Kavanagh, and Cavanagh; and a quo Cavaignac, in France.

114. Dermod na-nGhall: son of Donoch MacMorough; died 1171; was the 58th Christian King of Leinster.

115. Donal Caomhanach ("caomh:" Irish, gentle; Lat, "com-is;" Arab. "kom," noble): son of Dermod na-nGhall (or "Dermod of the strangers," meaning that he sided with the English); a quo O'Caomhanaighe. This Donal Kavanagh who was slain in 1175, was fostered at Kilcavan; had two sons—1. Connor, who was slain at Athlone in 1170, and 2. Donal Oge. He had a brother Eanna Ceannsalach, a quo Kinsela.

116. Donal Oge: son of Donal; was Prince of Leinster; had two sons—1. Art, who was beheaded in 1281, and 2. Muirceartach.

117. Muirceartach: younger son of Donal Oge; was Prince of Leinster.

118. Muiris (or Maurice): his son; living in 1314; had two sons—1. Muirceartach, 2. Art (or Arthur).

119. Muirceartach: elder son of Muiris; Prince of Leinster; slain in 1307.

120. Art Mór Kavanagh: his son; Prince of Leinster; living in 1361; had two sons—1. Donal Mór; and 2. Art Oge.

121. Art Oge: second son of Art Mór; living in 1417; Prince of Leinster; had two sons—1. Gerald; and 2. Diarmuid Lamhdearg.

122. Diarmuid Lamhdearg (i.e. "Red Hand"): younger son of Art Oge: Lord of Leinster; d. 1417.

123. Diarmuid (2), of St. Malins: his son.

124. Art Buidhe, of St. Malins, and Poulmonty, co. Carlow: his son; Lord of Leinster.

125. Cahir MacArt: his son; Lord of Leinster; was created for life "Baron Ballyanne," 1554.

126. Brian: his son; Lord of Leinster; d. 1572.

126. Morgan: his son; Lord of Leinster; d. 1636.

127. Brian (2): his son; Lord of Leinster; d. 1662.

128. Morgan (2): his son; Lord of Leinster; died 1700.

129. Morgan (3): his son; died 1720; had issue.

130. Brian (3): son of Morgan; d. 1741.

131. Thomas: his son; d. 1789.

132. Thomas (2): his son; d. 1837.

133. Arthur MacMurrough Kavanagh, of Borris: his son; Chief of his name, born 25th March, 1831, and living in 1887.