Irish Chiefs and Clans in County Louth

IN the Appendix to Vol. II., under the heading "The Clan Colla," a sketch of the history of ancient Oriel is given; and it is there mentioned that the O'Carrolls were princes of Oriel down to the Anglo-Norman invasion. Amongst the other chief clans who possessed Louth were those of MacCann, MacCartan, O'Kelly, O'Moore, O'Callaghan, O'Carragher, MacColman, MacCampbell, MacArdle, MacKenny, or MacKenna, O'Devin, O'Markey, O'Branagan, MacScanlan, and others.

In the reign of King John, A.D. 1210, Louth was formed into a county; and acquired its name from the town of Louth, in Irish Lugh Mhagh, which signifies the "Plain of Lugh or Lugaid"—and which probably was so called after some ancient chief.