The Hebrew Land System

In the Quaternary period the distribution of the three Noetic families from their respective centres took place over vast portions of the earth; formed the second dispersion of the human race from Central Asia; and the first great distribution of the Ethnic races, as laid down in the race-table of the sons of Noah.

The Babel or third dispersion mentioned in Genesis is related of a people who came from the East to the Plain of Shinar, and dwelt there. The tower which these people attempted to build was, by them, to be dedicated to their false god Bel, and called Babel: the narrator in Genesis stating that the Lord God did at that spot confuse the universal language, so that Babel (the "gate of Bel") became Balal, the "city of confusion." That account directly introduces the genealogy of Arphaxad, who was son of Shem, and ancestor of Eber or Heber a quo the Hebrews.

As Magog, son of Japhet, who was the favourite son of Noah, was the ancestor of the Gaels, it is a strange coincidence that the very ten generations from Adam down to Noah, which are given by the Semitic writers, are the very ten generations given by the narrators of the early genealogy of the Gaels!