Ward family genealogy

Of Ireland

Arms: Ar. two bars gu. each charged with as many martlets or.

EOCHA, brother of Iomchadh who is No. 85 on the "Manning" pedigree, was the ancestor of Mac-an-Bhaird; anglicised Ward and MacWard.

85. Eocha: son of Sodhan.

86. Nar: his son.

87. Fionnchadh: his son.

88. Reachtach: his son.

89. Nuada Dearg: his son.

90. Ughaine: his son.

91. Maighlen: his son; had a brother named Fionnagan.

92. Gilldé ("Giolla": Irish, a servant; "Dia," gen. "De," God; Heb. "Yah;" Lat. "De-us;" Gr. "The-os," Accusat. "Dia"): his son; a quo O'Giolladé, anglicised Gildea.

93. Eachtighearna: his son.

94. Dermod: his son.

95. Ughra: his son.

96. Murios: his son.

97. Gillde (2): his son.

98. Melachlin: his son.

99. Ughra (2): his son.

100. Murios (2): his son.

101. Gillde (3): his son.

102. Melachlin (2): his son.

103. Ughra (3): his son.

104. Gillcoimdhe: his son.

105. Dermod (2): his son.

106. Maccraith: his son.

107. Conor: his son.

108. Shane (or John): his son.

109. Owen Mac-an-Bhaird [1] ("bhard": Irish, a bard; Heb. "baar," was famous), of Monycassan: his son; a quo MacWard, modernized Ward.


[1] Mac-an-Bhaird:. By some of the descendants of this Owen, this sirname was rendered O'Bairdain, which has been variously anglicised as follows: Baird, Bard, Barde, Barden, Bardin, Barding, Bardon, Barten, Barton, Berdan, Berdon, Burdon, Purdon, Verdon, and Wardin.