The Pedigree of Saint Patrick Apostle of Ireland

In MacFirbis's Genealogies the pedigree of St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, is given, as follows:

1. Patrick or Padraic, Apostle of Ireland: son of

2. Calpinn (or Alpin): son of

3. Potit: son of

4. Odais: son of

5. Connudh: son of

6. Leobut: son of

7. Merc: son of

8. Oda: son of

9. Orc: son of

10. Muric: son of

11. Orc: son of

12. Leo: son of

13. Maxime: son of

14. Othrag: son of

15. Enciede (or Ere); son of

16. Erise: son of

17. Piliste: son of

18. Pherine (or Farine): son of

19. Briottan Maol (a quo Britain): son of

20. Fearghus Lethderg: son of

21. Nemhidh, a quo the Nemidians; descended from Magog, son of Japhet.