Ruddy family genealogy

Arms: Per chev. in chief two demi lions ramp. and a mullet in base. Crest: A lion ramp. Motto: Pro rege saepe, pro patria semper.

FICHEALLACH, brother of Neidhe, who is No. 96 on the "Line of Ir," p. 303, was the ancestor of O'Rodoighe; anglicised O'Roddy, Roddy, Reddy, and Ruddy.

96. Ficheallach: son of Onchu.

97. Naradh: his son.

98. Rodoch ("rod:" Irish, a road): his son; a quo O'Rodoighe; had two brothers—1. Dunchean, who was the ancestor of Duncan, and 2. Tormach, who was the ancestor of Tormey of Connaught.

99. Maolin Fionn: his son.

100. Alastrum (or Alexander): his son.

101. Ardgall: his son.

102. Gillmanchan: his son.

103. Gormghall: his son.

104. Gillchriosd: his son.

105. Maoliosa: his son.

106. Feichin: his son.

107. Mulmichil: his son.

108. Giolliosa: his son.

109. Mulmuire: his son.

110. Mulmichil (2): his son.

111. Donall: his son.

112. Gillbair ("bar:"[1] Irish, excellence): his son; a quo O'Giollabair, anglicised Barr and Barre.

113. Giolla Muire (or the "Devoted of the Blessed Virgin Mary"): his son; a quo MacGiolla Muire, anglicised MacGilmary, Maryson, Marson, Marysman, Maryman, Merryman, Merriman, and Gilmore. This Irish name was also anglicised O'Morna.

114. Eigneach: his son.

115. Giollaiosa: his son.

116. Eilia: his son.

117. Luachcas: his son.

118. John: his son.

119. Robert: his son.

120. Matthew: his son.

121. Teige: his son.

122. William: his son.

123. Bryan Buidhe: his son.

124. Teige (2): his son.

125. Teige Oge O'Roddy: his son; who was a learned antiquarian.


[1] Bar: Compare the Irish word "bar" with the Heb. "bar," a son; "bar," corn: "barh," above; and "baar," was famous; with the Syriac, Old Pers., and Chald. "bar", high; the Arab, "barr," wheat; and the Pers. "ber," fruit.