Reynolds (No.1) family genealogy

Arms: Az. a chev. erm. betw. crosses crosslet fitchée ar. Crest: An eagle close ar. ducally gorged and lined or.

EIMHIN, who is No. 101 on the "Line of Ir," p. 303, had three brothers—1. Biobhsach, who was the ancestor of MacRadhnaill (anglicised MacRannall, MacRandall, Magrannell, Reynell, Reynolds); 2. Gearabhan; and 3. Giollagan, who was the ancestor of Quinn (of Longford), as in the preceding pedigree. This Biobhsach's proportion of his father's inheritance was situate in Conmaicne Rheine, which his posterity enjoyed; and the chiefs of whom (who were called MacRannall) were styled "lords."

101. Biobhsach: son of Croman.

102. Eolus: his son; after whom his part of the territory of Conmaicne Rheine was called Muintir Eoluis ("eolus:" Irish, knowledge), anglicised Wallis: which territory is now divided into the three upper baronies of the county Leitrim, viz.: Leitrim, Mohill, and Carrigallen.

103. Maolmuire: his son; lord of Conmaicne Rheine; had two brothers—1. Brocan, who was ancestor of Shanly, etc.; 2. Anbeith, from whom MacGarry is descended.

104. Maoldun: son of Maolmuire.

105. Flann (or Florence): his son.

106. Maolruanaidh: his son.

107. Iomhar: his son; who was called the "black lord," and had a brother named Duorcan, who was the ancestor of Mulvy.

108. Muredach: son of Iomhar; had ten brothers.

109. Radhnal (or Randal): his son; a quo MacRadhnaill ("radh:" Irish, a saying; "anall," over to one side from another), first anglicised MacRannall.

110. Iomhar (2): his son.

111. Fergall: his son.

112. Muredach (2): his son; had a brother named Radhnall-Logg-na-Ccon.

113. Cathal Mór: his son; was the first of this sept who assumed the sirname MacRannall; had four sons, three of whom were:—1. Raghnall; 2. Conor; and 3. Iomhar (or Ivar), slain 1326. (2). Conor, had a son Matha, who had a son Hugh, who had a son Cathal, who had seven sons—Conor, Cathal, Hugh, Brian, Manus, Owen, and Conn. (3). Iomhar, had a son Teige, who had a son Murchadh, who had two sons—Fergal, and Anthony; Anthony had a son Cathal.

114. Raghnall, the second MacRannall: his son; had four sons—1. Iomhar; 2. Cathal; 3. William; and 4. Mahon. Deposed 1317.

115. Iomhar (3): his son; had seven sons—1. Teige; 2. Dermod; 3. Geoffrey; 4. Fergal; 5. Edmond; 6. Melaghlin Oge; and 7. Hugh. (5). Edmond had a son Iomhar; and 6. Melaghlin Oge had a son Dermod, died 1374.

116. Teige: his son; slain 1328, had six sons, four of whom were—1. Cathal Roe; 2. Murchadh; 3. Manus; and 4. Richard. This Richard died on Christmas night from drinking too much whiskey.

117. Cathal (or Charles) Ruadh: his son (slain 1401); had six sons—1. Ior; 2. Conor; 3. Rory; 4. Mulroony; 5. Brian; and 6. Cathal Oge, died 1468. (2). Conor had two sons—Edmond, lord Clan Bibacht, and Mulroony; Mulroony had two sons—Felim (d. 1503) and Herbert; Felim had a son Conor, who had a son Cathal. (6). Cathal Oge had two sons—Teige and Conor; Teige's issue—Murrogh (lived 1468), Conor, Malachy (lived 1468), Brian; and Conor's—Teige and Hubert slain 1492.

118. Ior: his son; a quo Slioch Ir ("sliochd Ir:" Ir., the progeny of Ir: a quo Oh-Ir, anglicised O'Hare); had four sons—1. William; 2. Dermod; 3. Owen; 4.Manus. (2).Dermod had two sons—Brian and Malachy.

119. William: his son; made chieftain of Clan Malachy in 1468, and in 1492 on the death of Hubert he became chief of Muintir Eoluis.

120. Thomas: his son; the first of this family who omitted the prefix Mac, and instead of "Rannall," called himself Reynolds.[1] This Thomas had two sons—1. Humphrey; and 2. Owen. (2). Owen had a son, John, who had three sons—Owen,[2] Charles, of Jamestown, and Thomas. This Charles sat at the Catholic Confederation in Kilkenny.

121. Humphrey Reynolds: his son.

122. John Reynolds of Loch Seur: his son; known as "Seaghan na g-Ceann" or John of the Heads, on account of a dreadful massacre he instigated of the leading chiefs of his tribe at his castle of the Island of Lough Seur which he built. This John was a captain in the Elizabethan army in Ireland, and the first of his family who conformed to the Protestant Church; he died in 1632.

123. Humphrey (2): his son.

124. William (2): his son.

125. James: his son.

126. Henry Reynolds: his son.


[1] Reynolds: Thomas Reynolds, pursuant to an Act of Parliament passed in Queen Elizabeth's reign, changed his name from that of MacRannall; "for which and tor his civilizing his family and bringing his country to the obedience of the Crown of England, and introducing the English customs and fashions among them, he was called MacRannall Gallda (or the English MacRannall), and also Magrannell.—Four Masters.

[2] Owen: This Owen had a son John Oge who was chief of his name in Oliver Cromwell's time.