O'Loghlin family genealogy

Chiefs of Burren, County Clare

Arms: Gu. A man in complete armour facing the sinister, shooting an arrow from a bow all ppr. Crest: An anchor entwined with a cable ppr. Motto: Anchora salutis.

LOCHLANN, the younger brother of Conor who is No. 100 on the "O'Connor" (Corcomroe) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Lochloin; anglicised O'Loghlin.

100. Lochlann [1] ("loch:" Irish, a sea or lake; Latin "lac-us;" and Irish "lon," powerful): son of Melachlin; a quo O'Lochloin, of Burren.[2]

101. Melachlin: his son.

102. Amhailgadh [Awly]: his son.

103. Melachlin O'Loghlin: his son; the first of the family who assumed this sirname.

104. Amhailgadh: his son.

105. Congalach: his son.

106. Donoch: his son.

107. Annadh Cam ("cam:" Irish crooked; Pers. "kam;" Chald. "kam-ar;" Gr. "kam-pto," to bend; Lat. "cam-urus"): his son.

This Annadh ("annadh:" Irish, delay) was the ancestor of O'h Annaidh, anglicised Hanna and Hanny.

108. Melachlin Cam O'Loghlin: his son; had three brothers—1. Brian, 2. Iriall, and 3. Donoch; the generations descended from this Melachlin, and his brothers Brian and Iriall, we are at present unable to trace, but those from his brother Donoch are as follows:

109. Annadh: son of said Donoch O'Loghlin.

110. Rory: his son.

111. Melachlin: his son.

112. Anthony: his son; died A.D. 1617. This Anthony had two sons—1. Uaithne (Owny or Anthony), who died before his father; and 2. Ros.

113. Ros: son of Anthony.

114. Melachlin (or Malachi): his son; died, 1633.

115. Anthony (2): his son.

116. Torlogh: his son.

117. Donogh: his son.

118. Torlogh O'Loghlin, of Burren: his son; was living A.D. 1724.

Sir Colman O'Loghlin, Bart., Member of Parliament for the county Clare, who died unmarried in 1877, was the eldest son of Sir Michael O'Loghlin (the first baronet in this family), who was son of Colman, son of Hugh, son of Malachi O'Loghlin; but we do not know the relationship which this Malachi O'Loghlin bore to Torlogh O'Loghlin, No. 118 above-mentioned (living in 1724), or to any of the names on this pedigree preceding the said Torlogh. On the death of the above-mentioned Sir Colman O'Loghlin, the second baronet, his brother Sir Bryan, of Australia, succeeded to the baronetcy; and was elected in 1877 an M.P. for the county Clare.—The Author.


[1] Lochlann: The Irish lochlon is the root of lochlonnach, which is the Irish for "a Dane: no doubt, because the Danes were powerful at sea.

[2] Burren: The root of this word is the Irish loireann, which here means "a rocky district;"same as that at Ballyvaughan, county Clare, where stands the ancient castle of O'Loghlin of Burren.