O'Leary family genealogy

FOTHACH Canaan, the fifth son of Luy Maccon, the 113th Monarch of Ireland who is No. 59 on the "Coffey" pedigree, was the ancestor of OLaeghaire;[1] anglicised O'Leary, and Leary.

59. Luy Maccon.

60.Fothach Canaan: his son.

61. Duach: his son.

62. Treana: his son.

63. Eirc: his son.

64. Ros ("ros:" Irish, a promontory): his son; a quo O'Ruis, anglicised Ross and Rush.

65. Laeghaire: his son; a quo O'Leary.

66. Fiach: his son.

67. Dunlang: his son.

68. Ros (2): his son.

69. Main: his son.

70. Aongus (or Æneas): his son.

71. Earc: his son.

72. Conor Cliodhna: his son.

73. Teige: his son.

74. Donoch naTuaima ("tuaim:" Irish, a dyke or fence): his son; a quo O'Tuaima, anglicised Toomey, Tuomey, and Twomey.

75. Conamnan: his son.

76. Dermod: his son.

77. Cumumhan: his son.

78. Donoch: his son.

79. Teige (2): his son.

80. Maolseaghlainn: his son.

81. Teige (3): his son.

82. Maolseaghlainn (2): his son.

83. Tomhas Mór: his son.

84. Tomhas Oge: his son.

85. Athbiadh: his son.

86. Cumumhan (2): his son.

87. Amhailgadh: his son.

88. Dunlang (2): his son.

89. Art: his son.

90. Teige (4): his son; had a brother named Luighdhach.

91. Dermod: son of Teige.

92. Conogher O'Leary: his son; first assumed this sirname.

93. Donogh: his son; married to Ellen, dau. of Dermod O'Crowley; d. 4th Jan., 1637.

94. Amhailgadh (or Auliff) O'Leary: his son; had a brother named Conogher.


[1] O'Laeghaire: For the derivation of this sirname, see Note, under the "O'Leary" pedigree (Line of Heber), ante.