O'Connor (No.1) family genealogy

Lords of Kerry

Arms: Vert a lion ramp. double queued and crowned or. Crest: A dexter arm embowed in mail garnished or, the hand grasping a sword erect ppr. pommel and hilt gold. Motto: Nec timeo, nec sperno.

CIAR, a younger brother of Conmac, who is 65 on the "Line of Ir," p. 302, was the ancestor of O'Ciariaidhe, of whom O'Connor "Kerry" was the leading family.

65. Ciar: son of Fergus Mór, lived in the second century before Christ.

66. Mogha Taoi: his son.

67. Astaman: his son.

68. Ulacht: his son.

69. Lamhneach: his son.

70. Eunna: his son.

71. Dealbhna: his son.

72. Fionn Bhan: his son.

73. Eochaman: his son.

74. Aithrea: his son.

75. Eochoman (2) his son.

76. Orbsenmar: his son.

77. Mogha-Art: his son.

78. Saul: his son.

79. Messincon: his son.

80. Uilin: his son.

81. Iomghon: his son.

82. Hebric: his son.

83. Iomcha: his son.

84. Forba: his son.

85. Rethach: his son.

86. Senach: his son.

87. Durrthacht: his son.

88. Hugh Logha: his son.

89. Multuile ("tuile:" Irish, a flood): his son; a quo O'Maoiltuile, anglicised Multully, Tully, and Flood.

90. Bachthran: his son.

91. Cobthach: his son.

92. Colman: his son.

93. Flaith Fearna: his son.

94. Melachlin: his son.

95. Fionn: his son.

96. Conor: his son.

97. Dermod: his son.

98. Cu-Luachra: his son.

99. Roger: his son.

100. Teige: his son.

101. Hugh: his son.

102. Charles: his son.

103. Conchobhar ("conchobhar": Irish, the helping warrior): his son; a quo O'Connor (Kerry).

104. Maolbreath: his son.

105. Corc O'Connor: son of Maolbreath; m. dau. of O'Keeffe, of Duhallow; d. 1019.

106. Mahoon: his son; chief of Kerry Luachra; m. Joanna, dau. of Muldoon O'Moriarty of Lough Lein.

107. Dermod (2) na Sluaghach: his son; m. Mora, dau. of Rory O'Donoghue Mór.

108. Mahoon (2): his son; m. Mora, dau. of Melaghlin O'Mahony, lord of Rathculler.

109. Dermod (3): his son.

110. Connor (3): his son.

111. Dermod (4): his son; m. Joanna, the dau. of the lord of Kerry.

112. Connor (4): his son; m. Una, dau. of MacMahon of Corcakine. This Connor was lord of Kerry Luachra, and was slain in his 58th year by the Walshes of Kerry; had two sons—1. Dermod; 2. Connor.

113. Connor (5): his son; m. Margaret, dau. of John Fitzgerald, of Callan, and was treacherously slain in 1396. This Connor's brother, Dermod, m. a dau. of O'Keeffe of Duhallow, and in 1405, his eyes were put out by Maurice Fitzgerald.

114. Connor (6), prince of Iraght and Kerry Luachra: son of Connor; married Kathleen, dau. of John de Brunell of Kerry; and was slain by his kinsman, Mahon O'Connor, in 1445, whilst on his way in a boat to Iniscatha (or Scattery Island), on the Shannon.

115. John: son of Connor; was lord of Kerry Luachra and Iraghticonnor; m. in 1451 Margaret dau. of David Nagle of Monahinny; he founded in 1470 Lislaghtan abbey, where he was buried in 1485.

116. Connor (7) of Carrigafoyle: his son; m. Joanna, dau. of Thomas Fitzgerald, Knight of the Valley, by whom he had issue:—1. Connor Fionn; 2. Charles, d. s. p.; 3. Cahir, d. s. p.: 4. Dermod, d. s. p.; 5. Donal Maol, who m. Ellis, dau. of Thomas Fitzgerald of Billamullen, by whom he had a son, Connor.

117. Connor (8) Fionn: his son; m. twice: first, Margaret, dau. of the lord of Kerry, by whom he had a son, Brian-na-lana, (or Brian of the blades), who d. in 1566; and, second, Slaine, dau. of O'Brien of Kilaloe, by whom he had a son, Connor. This Connor Fionn was slain in the battle of Lixnaw, in 1568.

118. Connor (9)Baccach: his son; m. Honoria, dau. of Dermod, 2nd Earl of Thomond, by whom he had —1. John; 2. Donal Maol; and 3. Donoghy, who was slain in 1599, by the sons of Manus Oge McSheehy. This Connor died in 1573.

119. John-na-Cathach (or John of the Battles) O'Connor "Kerry:" his son; m. Julia, dau. of O'Sullivan Mór, by whom he had five children: 1. Connor who died young; 2. Honoria, m. John Fitzgerald, Knight of Glynn; 3. Una, m. Oliver Delahoyle; 4. Julia, m. Ulick Roche; and 5. Mary, who m. her kinsman, Connor Cam, and had a son John O'Connor Kerry. This John-na-Cathach, in 1600, surrendered his estates and castle of Carrigafoyle into the hands of the Earl of Thomond, President of Munster, and obtained a grant thereof from Queen Elizabeth. This chief died without male issue in 1640, whereupon the chieftaincy reverted to the descendant of Donal Maol second son of Connor Baccach, No. 118 above mentioned.

120. Connor (10): son of Donal Maol, son of Connor Baccach O'Connor "Kerry;" m. a dau. of John Fitzmaurice.

121. Connor (11) Cam: his son; m. twice: first, Mary (d. s. p.), dau. of John-na-Cathach; and, second, a dau. of Murrogh O'Connor of Ballylyne, and left issue:—1. John; 2. Donogh, who died in Flanders; 3. Cahir; 4. Cathal Roe, who m. Eliza, dau. of the lord of Kerry, and left issue, Mary, who d. s. p.; and 5. Julia, who m. Charles O'Connor of Dublin.

122. John O'Connor (2) " Kerry": son of Connor Cam; m. twice: first, Amelia, dau. of John Fitzgerald, Knight of the Valley; and, second, Joanna, dau. of Tadhg MacCarthy, of Aglish, co. Cork. In 1652, this John with Teige O'Connor, lord of Tarbert, suffered martyrdom for their faith; they were by stratagem seized by Cromwell's followers, brought to Tralee, and there half hanged, and next beheaded on Sheep Hill, near Killarney.

We are at present unable to bring down this illustrious pedigree to recent times.

According to MacFirbis, Dermod was an elder brother of Connor, No. 113, and his descendants were "the real O'Connors,"

113. Dermod [1] (5): son of Connor (4) O'Connor "Kerry."

114. Dermod (6): his son.

115. Connor: his son.

116. Connor: his son.

117. John: his son.

118. Connor: his son.

119. John: his son; living in 1666.

Of this branch was the learned Doctor Bernard O'Connor, author of a History of Poland, etc.; and Physician to John Sobieski. King of that country. He studied in Paris, and practised in London, where he died in 1698.—See his obituary in the next genealogy, infra, (The "O'Connor" of Carrig-a-Foyle pedigree.)


[1] Dermod: From this Dermod is descended the family of "O'Connor (No. 2), of Carrig-a-Foyle."