Nicholson (No.3) family genealogy

In America

WILLIAM, a younger brother (or rather brother-in-law) of Malcom who is No. 125 on the "Nicholson" No. 1 pedigree, was the ancestor of several branches of the Nicholson family, in America.

125.William: son of Donald Mór, and son-in-law of Donald, the Chief of the Clan; said to have married the Chief's daughter; and said to have perished at or near Sedgemoor at the time of the battle of that name.

126. John (commonly called "The Sailor;" the H. P. and P. of D. of the "Stuart Papers"): his son; signs his name Nicolson; married Joanna Coke, at Dartmouth, on the 3rd December, 1695.

127. William, of Marlborough, Devon, merchant: son and only child of John, "The Sailor," and Joanna Coke; spelled his name Nicholson; married Elizabeth Trosse, on the 7th April, 1724, at South Huish, Devonshire. He d. 1781.

128. Joseph, of Kingsbridge, Devonshire: his son; married Mary Dunsford, on 17th March, 1761; had a brother named Jonathan.

129.William of Plymouth: son of Joseph; married Sarah Hewett, on 14th December, 1747; had brothers named Joseph, Thomas, John,[1] Benjamin, and a sister Mary.

130. Joseph (2): son of William; married Caroline Gregory, at Stoke-Damerel, on 13th December, 1826.

131. Joseph (3): his son; married Annie Stevens at Milwaukee, United States, America, on the 29th November, 1855.

132. Walter-Gregory: his son; m. Ada L. Greenwood, at Milwaukee, aforesaid, on the 7th Oct., 1880. Had a brother named William-Stevens Nicholson, then living at 406, Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U. S. A.; and two sisters —1. Harriette-Elizabeth, 2. Sarah-Caroline—now (1880) living in England.


[1] John: This John was twice married—first to Mary Ball; second to Elizabeth Luscombe. By the first marriage he had a son named John, who was married to Elizabeth Penn, a kinswoman to the founder of Pennsylvania, in the United States, America. The male line of this family has become extinct; but there is a granddaughter—Ellen-Octavia Nicholson (Mrs. D. Lindsay), living in Victoria, British Columbia, whose sister Emma lived (in 1880) in Devonshire, England.

This John's sister, Mary Nicholson, was, on the 29th March, 1791, married to Philip Gibbs, by whom she had twelve children, almost all of whom were (in 1877) in Canada, British America. Elizabeth Nicholson-Gibbs, one of those twelve children, was on 3rd June, 1830, married to James Dore Blake, M.D.: the issue of this marriage were—1. Philip-James, born in September, 1831, since deceased; 2. James Gibbs-Nicholson-Blake, born in January, 1833; 3. Libra-Augusta, born in August, 1838; 4. Joseph (deceased), born in March, 1836; 5. Joseph Nicholson-Blake, born in May, 1838; 6. Elizabeth Anne, born in May, 1841; 7. Edward-Thomas, born in June, 1842; 8. Mary Anne, born in May, 1844; 9. Sarah-Margaret, born in July, 1847; 10. Samuel Hahnemann, born in July, 1850.

The Philip Gibbs here mentioned was a first cousin of Samuel Newcomen Gibbs, who was the father of Frederick Waymouth Gibbs, for many years tutor to H. R. H. Albert-Edward, Prince of Wales (1880).