Moore (No.2) family genealogy

Of Rahinduffe, Queen's County

Arms: Same as those of "Moore" No. 1.

MURTAGH OGE MOORE, of Rahinduffe, Queen's County, gent., had:

2. John (second son), who died Nov., 1636, and was buried in St. Patrick's of Stradbally, He m. Margaret, dau. Connor Hickey, of Button, in the co. Kildare, gent., and had:

3. John (his eldest son), who m. Susan, dau. of James Hovendon, of the Queen's County, gent. Had a younger brother Pierce, who m. Mary, dau. of Francis Edgeworth, Clerk of ye Hanaper; and he had five sisters:—1. Margaret, who m. Richard Jacob, co. Kildare, gent. 2. Honora, who m, Kedagh Moor county Tipperary, gent.; 3. Kath., who m. John Dempsey, gent.; 4. Grany, who m. Murtogh Dempsey, gent.; 5. Dorothy-Owna, who m. Oliver Grace, of Kilmanham, Queen's County, gent.