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From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Line of Heber | Heber Genealogies

1. Heber Fionn: son of Milesius of Spain.

Sons of Heber Fionn; reigned together one year:—

2. Er

3. Orba

4. Feron

5. Fergna

6. Conmaol: son of Heber Fionn.

7. Eochaidh Faobhar-glas: son of Conmaol.

8. Eochaidh Mumha: son of Mofeibhis, son of Eochaidh (7).

9. Eanna Airgthach: son of Eochaidh Faobhar Glas.

10. Munmoin: son of Cas, son of Fearard, son of Rotheacta, son of Ros, son of Glas, son of Eanna (9).

11. Fualdergoid: son of Munmoin.

12. Rotheacta: son of Ronnach, son of Failbhe Iolcorach, son of Cas Cedchaingnigh, son of Fualdergoid.

13. Eiliomh: son of Rotheacta.

14. Art Imleach: son of Eiliomh.

15. Breas Rioghachta: son of Art Imleach.

16. Seidnae Innaraidh: son of Breas Rioghachta.

17. Duach Fionn: son of Seidnae Innaraidh.

18. Eanna Dearg: son of Duach Fionn.

19. Luaghaidh Iardhonn: son of Eanna Dearg.

20. Eochaidh Uarceas: son of Luaghaidh Iardhonn.

21. Lughaidh Lamhdearg: son of Eochaidh Uarceas.

22. Art: son of Lughaidh Lamhdearg.

23. Olioll Fionn: son of Art.

24. Eochaidh: son of Olioll Fionn.

25. Luaghaidh Lagha: son of Eochaidh (24).

26. Reacht-Righ-dearg: son of Luaghaidh Lagha.

27. Moghcorb: son of Cobthach Caomh, son of Reacht Righ-Dearg.

28. Adhamhair Foltchaion: son of Fearcorb, son of Moghcorb.

29. Niadhsedhaman: son of Adhamhair Foltchaion.

30. Ionadmaor: son of Niadhsedhaman.

31. Lughaidh Luaighne: son of Ionadmaor.

32. Duach Dalladh-Deadha: son of Cairbre Lusgleathan, son of Lughaidh Luaighne.

33. Crimthann: son of Felim, son of Aongus, etc., son of Duach (32). See the "Line of Heber," No. 93.

34. Brian Boroimhe: son of Cineadh, son of Lorcan, etc., son of Cormac Cas (See O'Brien Stem), son of Olioll Olum, son of Eoghan Mór, son of Dearg, son of Dearg Theine, son of Eanna Muneain, son of Loich Mór, son of Muireadach, son of Eochaidh Garbh, son of Duach (32).

35. Donough: son of Brian Boroimhe.

36. Tirloch: son of Teige, son of Brian Boroimhe.

37. Muirceartach: son of Teige, son of Brian Boroimhe.

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Line of Heber | Heber Genealogies