Madigan family genealogy

Arms: Same as those of "Manning."

FELIM, the youngest brother of Iomchadh, who is No. 85 on the "Manning" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Madadhgain; anglicised O'Madigan, and Madigan.

85. Felim: son of Sodan.

86. Fionchu: his son.

87. Ros: his son.

88. Luchta: his son.

89. Amergin: his son.

90. Ceneidh: his son.

91. Maoldubh: his son.

92. Fionngal: his son.

93. Sealbhach ("sealbh:" Irish, possession): his son; a quo Selby.

94. Dunechar: his son.

95. Dobhalen: his son.

96. Gussan: his son.

97. Labhras ("labhras:" Irish, a laurel tree; Lat. "laurus"): his son.

98. Sarcall: his son.

99. Scoileach (scoileach: Irish, "one who keeps a school;" Lat. schola; Greek, schole; Fr. e-cole): his son; a quo O'Scoilaigh, anglicised Scally, Skelly, Scully, and Scallan.

100. Madadhgan ("madadh:" Irish, a dog), meaning "a little warrior;" his son; a quo O'Madadhgain.

101. Gillcira: his son.

102. Dunsliabh: his son.

103. Scoileach (2) O'Madadghgain: his son.