MacCartan family genealogy

Chiefs of Kinealarty, County Down

Arms: Vert a lion ramp. or, on a chief ar. a crescent betw. two dexter hands couped at the wrist gu. Crest: A lance erect or, headed ar. entwined with a snake descending vert. Motto: Buallim se (I strike him).

FEARGAN, a brother of Connall, who is No. 92 on the "Guinness" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacCartain; modernized Cartan, Carton, MacCartan, and Macartan.

92. Feargan: son of Caolbhadh.

93. Mongan: his son.

94. Fogartach: his son.

95. Cruinneith: his son.

96. Artan:[1] his son; a quo Mac Artain (anglicised MacCartan), Lords of "MacArtan's Country," called, after him, Kinealarty, now the name of a barony in the county Down.

97. Cuoincon: his son; Lord of Kinealarty.

98. Crum na Cruach ("cruach:" Irish, a stack): his son; a quo Croke,[2] Crooke, and Stack.[3]

99. Concruach: his son.

100. Eochaidh: his son; first assumed the sirname MacCartan; had a brother named Eocha Oge.

101. Searran: his son.

102. Bugmaille: his son.

103. Ciannait: his son.

104. Gillcolum: his son.

105. Donall: his son.

106. Fionnach (or Donoch): his son.

107. Shane (or John): his son.

108. Tomhas: ("tomhais:" Irish, to measure): his son; a quo Mac Tomhais, and MacTamais, anglicised Thomas, Thom, Toms, MacThomas, Tomson, Thomson, Thompson, Tomkins, and Tomkinson.

109. Tomhas Oge: his son.

110. Searran (2): his son.

111. Giollapadraic: his son.

112. Giollapadraic Oge: his son; a quo Killpatrick; had a brother named Donal.

113. Giolgaginn: son of Giollapadraic.

114. Giollacolum ("colum:" Irish, a dove): his son; a quo O'Gilcoluim, anglicised Gilcolm, Colum, and Columb.

115. Eachmilidh: his son.

116. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

117. Torlogh: his son.

118. Felim (or Phelim): his son.

119. Eachmilidh (2): his son.

120. Felim (2): his son; had two brothers—1. Donall, and 2. Anthony; died in 1631.

121. Patrick MacCartan, of Ballydromroe: son of Felim.

122. John: his son; left Ireland in the service of King James the Second; living in 1691.

123. Anthony: his son; followed King James the Second, and became a Captain in the Irish Brigade in the French Service.

124. Antonie Joseph: his son; a physician.

125. Andronicus: his son; was Medical Doctor, and had a brother who was also an M.D.

128. Felix MacCartan, of Lille, in Flanders: his son.


[1] Artan: See the derivation of this name in the foregoing ("MacArtan") pedigree.

[2] Croke: While the Croke here mentioned is of Irish origin, there is among the Huguenot families given infra, a sirname which has been modernized "Croke."—See Le Blount.

[3] Stack: Some genealogists consider that this family is of Danish extraction.