MacArtan family genealogy

Arms: Vert a lion ramp. or. on a chief ar. a dexter hand couped at the wrist gu. betw. in the dexter a crescent of the last, and in the sinister a mullet sa. Crest: A bear ramp. sa. muzzled or.

FOGHARTACH, brother of Aidan, who is No. 97 on the "Guinness" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacArtain; modernized MacArtan.

97. Foghartach: son of Mongan.

98. Grontach: his son.

99. Artan ("art:" Irish, a god, a stone, noble): his son; a quo Mac Artain.

100. Onchu: his son.

101. Crumna Crioch ("crioch:" Irish, a country or perfection): his son; a quo Cree.

102. Conor Aich ("aicid:" Irish, sickness; Gr. "ach-os"): his son.

103. Eachach: his son.

104. Searrach: his son.

105. Ranall: his son.

106. Ceneth: his son.

107. Gillcolum: his son.

108. Donall: his son.

109. Donoch: his son.

110. Shane (or John): his son.

111. Tomhas Mór: his son.

112. Tomhas Oge: his son.

113. Searrach Mór: his son.

114. Giolla Padraic: his son.

115. Donall(2): his son.

116. Gilgree Fionn: his son.

117. Gillcolum (2): his son.

118. Eachmilidh: his son.

119. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

120. Tirlach: his son.

121. Felim: his son.

122. Eachmilidh (2): his son.

123. Felim (2): his son.

124. Patrick MacArtan: his son.