Lynch family genealogy

of Ulster

Arms: Sa. three lynxes pass guard ar. Crest: On a ducal coronet, or, a lynx, as in the arms.

CONLA, a brother of Connall, who is No. 92 on the "Guinness" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Leathlahhair (of the Line of Ir), which has been anglicised Lawlor,[1] and Lalor; and of Muintir Loingsigh, or O'Loingsigh, of Ulster, anglicised Linch, Lynch, Linskey, and Lynskey.

92. Conla: son of Caolbha.

93. Eochaidh: his son; King of Ulster for 26 years.

94. Baodan: his son.

95. Fiacha: his son.

96. Eochaidh Iarlaith: his son.

97. Leathlabhar: his son.

98. Inrachtach: his son.

99. Tomaltach: his son.

100. Longseach: his son.

101. Leathlabhar: his son; King of Ulster, for 15 years; a quo O'Leathlabhair.

102. Eiteach: his son.

103. Longseach ("longseach:" Irish, a mariner): his son: a quo Muintir Loingsigh.

104. Aodh: his son; King of Ulster for five years.

105. Doncha: his son.

According to another Genealogy, Nicholas, brother of James le Petito, who is No. 2 on the "Petit" pedigree, was the ancestor of Lynch, of the county Galway; but either that genealogy, or the pedigree of Petit (or "Le Petit," as the name was first spelled) must be inaccurate: the "Lynch" (which is as follows) exceeding the "Petit" pedigree by thirteen generations, in five hundred years, from the common stock.

1. William le Petito.

2. Nicholas de Linch: his son; a quo Linch and Lynch.

3. John: his son.

4. Maurice: his son.

5. Hugh: his son.

6. David: his son.

7. Thomas: his son.

8. James: his son.

9. Thomas (2): his son.

10. David (2): his son.

11. Thomas (3): his son.

12. James (2): his son.

13. Thomas (4): his son.

14. John Buidhe: his son.

15. Thomas (5): his son.

16. Henry: his son.

17. Robuc: his son.

18. Arthur: his son.

19. Stephen: his son.

20. Nicholas (2): his son.

21. Sir Henry: his son.

22. Sir Robuc Linch: his son.


[1] Lawlor: For the derivation of this sirname, see No. 104 on the "Lawlor" (of Monaghan) pedigree, in the "Heremon Genealogies."