Leydon, or Liddane family genealogy

Chiefs in Tipperary

Arms: Ar. three eagles' heads erased sa.

OSGAR, son of Onchu who is No. 75 on the "O'Connor" (Corcomroe) pedigree, had two sons—1. Cuerc, who was ancestor of Quirk; and 2. Fraoch, who was the ancestor of O'Liodhain,[1] anglicised Leydon, Laydon, etc.

75. Osgar: son of Onchu.

76. Fraoch: his son.

77. Carthann: his son.

78. Lonan: his son.

79. Seannagh: his son.

80. Laphan ("lapa": Irish, the lap): his son; a quo O'Laphain, anglicised Laffan.

81. Brocan (or Breoghan): his younger son.

82. Felim (or Filé): his son.

83. Maolruanaidh: his son.

84. Fiangus: his son; a quo O'Fianngusa, anglicised O'Fennessy, and Fennessy.[2]

85. Seartach: his son.

86. Saorthuile: his son.

87. Mugna: his son.

88. Liodhan ("liodhan:" Irish, the Litany): his son; a quo O'Liodhain.


[1] O'Liodhain: This Irish sirname has been anglicised Leyden, Laydon, Leighton, Leydon, Leyton, Lighton, Litton, Loudon, Lydon, Lyddon, Lytton, etc.

[2] Fennessy: For the derivation of this sirname see the "Fennessy" pedigree, page 88, where, because the family originally belonged to the co. Tipperary, it was our mistake to include the pedigree among the "Heber Genealogies." But in our research we have since found that FIANGUS, who is No. 84 on the "Leydon" pedigree, was the ancestor of the family, which is therefore of Irian origin; and which was located in the territory now known as the barony of Ownybeg in the County Tipperary, of which territory the descendants of Aongus Fionn, son of Fergus Mor, who is No. 64 on the "Line of Ir," page 301, were chiefs.

Firceighid, another son of the said Fergus Mór, was the ancestor of the Eoghanacht Ara-Cliach, a district in the County Limerick bordering on Tipperary; and Finfailig, another son of the said Fergus Mór, was the ancestor of O'Dugan and O'Cosgrave, chiefs of Fermoy, County Cork.—See the "Dugan" pedigree, p. 308.