Leavy family genealogy

Arms: Same as those of "O'Farrell."

CUSLIABH, brother of Giolla Iosa who is No. 109 on the "O'Farrell" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacConsleibhe; anglicised Leavy.

109. Cushliabh ("cu:" Irish, a hound; "sliabh," a mountain), meaning "the warrior of the mountain": son of Braon O'Farrell; a quo MacConsleibhe.

110. Cuchaille: his son.

111. Eichtighearna: his son.

112. Cucatha MacConshleibhe: his son; first assumed this sirname.

113. Maolseaghlainn: his son.

114. Sitric: his son.

115. Giolla Chriosd: his son.

116. Maolseaghlainn (2): his son.

117. Giolla (or William): his son.

118. Owen MacConsleibhe (or O'Leavy): his son.