The Line of Ithe family genealogy

ITHE (or Ith), brother of Bilé who is No. 35, page 50, was the ancestor of the Ithians. This Ithe was uncle of Milesius of Spain; and his descendants settled mostly in Munster.


The Stem of the Irish Nation, from Ithe down to (No. 73) Cobthach Fionn, a quo O'Coffey,* of Munster.

35. Ithe: son of Breoghan, King of Spain.

36. Lughaidh [Luy]: his son; a quo the Ithians were called Lugadians.

37. Mal: his son.

38. Edaman: his son.

39. Logha: his son.

40. Mathsin: his son.

41. Sin: his son.

42. Gossaman: his son.

43. Adaman: his son.

44. Heremon: his son.

45. Logha Feile: his son.

46. Lachtnan: his son.

47. Nuaclad Argni: his son.

48. Deargthine: his son.

49. Deagha Derg: his son.

50. Deagha Amhra: his son.

51. Ferulnigh: his son.

52. Sithbolg: his son.

53. Daire (or Darius) Diomdhach: his son.

54. Each-Bolg: his son; had a brother named Luy, who was the ancestor of Clancy of Dartry, in Leitrim; and some say, of Macaulay or MacGawley of Calry, in Westmeath.

55. Ferulnigh (2): his son.

56. Daire (2): his son; from whom the Ithians were called Darinians.

57. Luy: his son.

58. MacNiadh: his son. Sabina, daughter of Conn of the Hundred Battles, was married to this Mac Niadh [Nia], by whom she had a son named Luy Mac con (cu; Irish, gen. con, coin, or cuin, a greyhound, also a champion; Gr. Ku-on), to whom the soubriquet "Mac con" was affixed, because in his youth he was wont to suckle the teat of a favourite greyhound. After Mac Niadh's death, Sabina got married to Olioll Olum, king of Munster, as already mentioned. (See p. 67.)

59. Luy Mac con: his son; the 113th Monarch of Ireland.

60. Aongus (or Æneas): his son; had four brothers:—1. Fothach Argthach, the 118th Monarch of Ireland jointly with his brother Fothach Cairpeach, by whom, A.D. 285, he was slain; 2. the said Fothach Cairpeach, the 119th Monarch; 3. Duach, ancestor of Conell, O'Hennessy, McEirc, etc.; 4. Fothach Canaan, ancestor of MacAlim or MacCalum, Earls of Argyle, etc. From one of these brothers also descended O'Hallinan, etc.

61. Fergus: son of Æneas.

62. Luigheach: his son.

63. Æneas Bolg: his son.

64. Gearan: his son; had a brother named Trean.

65. Conall Claon ("claon": Irish, partial; Gr. "klin-o"): his son.

66. Ceann Reithe ("reithe": Irish, of a ram; "ceann" a head): his son; a quo O'Reithe.[2]

67. Olioll: his son; had a brother named Trean, from whom descended St. Beoardh (8 March) of Ardcarn.

68. Fergus: son of Olioll.

69. Connacille: his son.

70. Maccon: his son.

71. Olioll (2): his son.

72. Dungal: his son.

73. Cobthach Fionn ("cobthach": Irish, victorious; "fionn," fair, meaning "the fairhaired victor"): his son; a quo O'Cobhthaigh, anglicised O'Coffey, O'Cowhig, Coffey, Coffy, and Coffee.


[1] O'Coffey: There were other families of this name in ancient Meath and in Connaught, but not of the same stock as this family.

[2] O'Reithe: This name has been anglicised Ram.