Family Pedigrees of the Heremon Line (O)


O'Brannan of Ulster


O'Brick, Lords of South Decies, in Munster

O'Brien (No.11) of Fermanagh

O'Brien (No.12) of Donegal

O'Byrne (No.1) Lords of Ranelagh, County Wicklow

O'Byrne (No.2) of Cabinteely, County Dublin

O'Byrne (No.3) of Ballymanus, County Wicklow

O'Byrne (No.4) of Ballycapple

O'Cahan (No.1) Princes of Limavady, County Londonderry

O'Cahan (No.2)

O'Cahan (No.3) of Ballymaclosty (or Ballymaclosky), County Londonderry


O'Connor (No.1) Kings of Connaught

O'Connor Roe (No.2) of Lanesborough

O'Conor Don (No.3)

O'Connor Sligo (No.4)

O'Connor (No.5) of Annagh, County Roscommon

O'Connor (No.6) of Moy Ith, County Donegal

O'Connor (No.7) of Orgiall, in Ulster

O'Connor Faley (No.8) Lords of Offaley

O'Connor Faley (No.9) of America

O'Donel (No.1) Princes of Tirconnell

O'Donel (No.2) of Oldcastle and Castlebar

O'Donell (No.3) of Leitrim and Greyfield

O'Donel (No.4) of Larkfield, County Leitrim; and Greyfield, County Roscommon

O'Donell (No.5) of Spain

O'Donell (No.6) of Austria

O'Donnell (No.7) Lords of Clankelly

O'Dowd Princes of Hy-Fiachra, in Connaught

O'Flaherty, Princes of Iar (or West) Connaught

O'Flanagan (No.1) of Fermanagh

O'Flanagan (No.2) of Orgiall

O'Flynn of Connaught

O'Gorman (No.1) Chiefs of Ibrickan, County Clare

O'Gorman (No.2) of Monamore, County Clare

O'Hagan, Lords of Tullaghoge, County Tyrone

O'Halloran, Lords of Clan Fergail, County Galway

O'Hanlon, Lords of Orior, in the County Armagh

O'Hart (No.1) Princes of Tara, and Chiefs in Sligo

O'Hart (No.2) of Ardtarmon, County Sligo

O'Hart (No.3) of North Grange, or Drumcliffe, County Sligo

O'Hart (No.4) of the Grange, or Drumcliffe, County Sligo

O'Hart (No.5), another Branch of the Grange Family

O'Kelly (No.1) Princes of Hy-Maine

O'Kelly (No.2) of Tiaquin, County Galway

O'Kelly (No.3) of Gallagh (now "Castle Blakeney"), County Galway

O'Kelly (No.4) of Aughrim, County Galway

O'Kelly (No.5) of Meath

O'Malley, Chiefs of the Baronies of Murrisk and Burrishoole, County Mayo


O'Melaghlin, Kings of Meath

O'Murphy (No.1) Lords of Hy-Felimy, County Wexford

O'Murphy (No.2) of Ouleartleagh, County Wexford

O'Murphy (No.3) of the County Carlow

O'Murphy (No.4) of the "Clan Moroghoe" Sept

O'Murphy (No.5) of Cork: of the "Clan Moroghoe" Sept

O'Murphy (No.6) of Muscry, County Cork

O'Murphy (No.7) - O'Murphy Buidhe, County Cork

O'Murphy (No.8) - O'Murphy Buidhe—continued

O'Murphy (No.9) - O'Murphy Buidhe—continued

O'Murphy (No.10) - O'Murphy Reamhar, of Muscry and Kinalmeaky

O'Murphy (No.11) - O'Murphy Reamhar, of Muscry—continued

O'Naughten of Lislea, County Roscommon

O'Neill (No.1) Monarchs of Ireland, Kings of Ulster, and Princes of Tyrone

O'Neill (No.2) Princes of Tyrone

O'Neill (No.3) Princes of Clanaboy

O'Neill (No.4) of Shane's Castle, County Antrim

O'Neill (No.5) Baron of Dungannon, and Earl of Tyrone

O'Neill (No.6) of Mayo and Leitrim

O'Neylon, Protestant Bishop of Kildare



O'Reilly (No.1) Princes of East Brefney

O'Reilly (No.2) of Scarva, County Down

O'Reilly (No.3) of Heath House, Queen's County

O'Reilly (No.4) of Ballynahern, County Wexford

O'Reilly (No.5) of Timothan, County Dublin

O'Rourke (No.1) Princes of West Brefney

O'Rourke (No.2) Chiefs of Carrha, County Leitrim

O'Rourke (No.3) of Innismagrath, County Leitrim

O'Shaughnessy, Chiefs of Cineal Aodha [Kinelee], County Galway

O'Shea of Limerick

O'Shee, Chiefs of Iveragh, County Kerry

O'Toole (No.1) Anciently Chiefs of Hy-Muireadaigh, County Kildare; afterwards Kings of Leinster and Princes of Imaile

O'Toole (No.2) of Connemara