Geraghty family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a saltire and a border gu.

CATHAL (or Charles), brother of Teige Mór who is No.102 on the "O'Connor" (Connaught) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacOrcachta; anglicised MacOiraghty, MacGeraghty, Geraghty, Gerty, Garrett, Garratt, and Gerrotte.

102. Cathal: son of Muirgheas.

103. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

104. Morogh: his son.

105. Duncath: his son.

106. Orcacht ("orc:" Irish, a small warrior; "acht," gen. achta," an act): his son; a quo MacOrcachta.

107. Duncath Mór: his son; had two brothers—1. Morogh, 2. Orcacht.

108. Duncath Oge: son of Duncath Mór.

109. Duncath (4): his son.

110. Hugh: his son.

111. Malachi: his son.

112. Tumaltach (or Timothy): his son.

113. Morogh: his son.

114. Donall; his son.

115. Connor: his son.

116. Timothy (2): his son.

117. Malachi (2): his son.

118. Manus: his son.

119. Manus MacOiraghty: his son.