Gawley family genealogy

Arms: Ar. on a chev. gu. betw. three ancient galleys with three masts, sails furled, flags flying sa. a lion ramp. or, armed and langued az.

LUIGHACH, who is No.90 on the "Quirk" pedigree, was ancestor of O'Gabhlaighe ("gabhlach:" Irish, forked or longlegged); anglicised Gavala, Gawley, Gowley, and Gooley.

90. Luighach: son of Labhrach; had six brothers, but there is no account of their issue.

91. Brollach: his son.

92. Connla: his son.

93. Iomchadh: his son.

94. Dulach: his son.

95. Croch: his son.

96. Maith ("maith:" Irish, a chief, a nobleman, a leader): his son; a quo O'Maith, anglicised May[1] and Maye; had two brothers—1. Iomchadh, 2. Earc.

97. Ceannfionnan: son of Maith.

98. Iomchadh (2): his son.

99. Sionamhuil O'Gabhlaighe: his son.


[1] May: See the "May" (Lords of Orgiall) pedigree, for another family of this name, but of a different stock from this family, and differently derived.