Garvey (No.2) family genealogy

Of Tirowen

EOCHAIDH BINNE, brother of Muireadach [muredach], who is No.89 on the "Cuonaghan" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Garvey of Tyrone.—See the derivation of this sirname in the foregoing pedigree.

89. Eochaidh Binne ("binn:" Irish, melodious): son of Eoghan; a quo Cineal Binne in Scotland, a Binney in Ireland.

90. Claireadanach[1] ("claireadanach:" Irish, broadfaced): his son.

91. Donal: his son.

92. Ultach ("ultach:" Irish, an Ulsterman; his son; a quo MacAn-Ultaigh, anglicised MacNulty, Nulty, and Nalty,

93. Failbhe: his son.

94. Maoldun: his son.

95. Conrach: his son.

96. Elgenan: his son.

97. Cucolann: his son.

98. Danaille: his son.

99. Mulfabhal: his son.

100. Toiceach ("toiceach: Irish, wealthy): his son.

101. Gairbiadh: his son; a quo O'Gairbidh (of Tirowen), anglicised Garvey.


[1] Claireadanach,: Some of this man's descendants call themselves Clarendon.