Garvaly family genealogy

Arms: Same as those of "O'Hart."

BRIAN, a brother of Daimhin who is No.92 on the "O'Hart" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Garbhgeille; anglicised Garuly, and Garvaly.

92. Brian: son of Cairbre an-Daimh-Airgid, King of Orgiall.

93. Fergus Garbhgeill ("garbh:" Irish, rough; "geill," to yield): his son: a quo O'Garbhgeill.

94. Hugh: his son.

95. Faolan: his son.

96. Mactigh: his son.

97. Cuborin: his son.

98. Cumagan: his son.

99. Maolagan ("maolagan:" Irish, the bald little man): his son; a quo O'Maolagain, anglicised Mulligan, and Molyneux.

100. Muireadach O'Garvaly: his son.