Galwey family genealogy

[1] Arms: Or, on a cross gu. five mullets of the field.

1. JEOFFREY GALWAY (modernized Galwey), of Kinsale, co. Cork, had:

2 John, of Limerick: his son.

3. James, of Limerick, Ald.: his son.

4. Jeoffrey, of Limerick, Knt. and Bart.: died at Kinsale. This Jeoffrey was thrice married: first to Anne, dau. of Nicholas Comyn, Ald., Limerick; secondly, to Mary, dau. of Maurice MacSheehy, of Ballenan, co. Limerick, gent., by whom he had four daughters, Martha, Margaret, Grace, and Clara; and thirdly, to More, dau. of Morough O'Brien, of Twogh, co. Limerick, by whom he had a daughter Eleanor. The children of the first marriage were—1. John; 2. Gabriel; 3. Patrick; 4. Jenet, m. to William Galwey of Kinsale; 5. Mary, m. to Nicholas Stritch, of Limerick; 6. Anne, m. to John Stritch, of Limerick, 7. Kathleen, m. to Maurice Caha O'Brien, of Twogh, co. Limerick; 8. Christian.

5. John: son of Geoffrey; m. Eliza, dau. of —— Betts, of Norfolk, England.

6. Sir Jeoffrey Galwey, Bart., his son.


[1] Galwey: This sirname is derived from a branch of the "Bourke" family, in the county Galway, which settled in Cork in the 14th century; and hence have been distinguished by the territorial name of Galway, Galwey, and Gallwey.