Gallagher family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a lion ramp. sa. treading on a serpent in fess ppr. betw. eight trefoils vert. Crest: A crescent gu. out of the horns a serpent erect ppr.

ANMIRE (latinized Anmireus), who was the 138th Monarch of Ireland, and the brother of Fergus, who is No.91 on the "O'Donnell" (of Tirconnell) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Gallchobhair; anglicised Galchor, and Gallagher.

91. Anmire: son of Seadneach; slain A.D. 566.

92. Aodh (or Hugh): his son; the 140th Monarch.

93. Maolchobhach (latinized Malcovus): his son, who was the 144th Monarch; had a brother named Donal, who was the 146th Monarch, and the ancestor of Mulroy.

94. Ceallach: son of Maolchobhach.

95. Donal: his son.

96. Donoch: his son.

97. Rory: his son.

98. Rorcan: his son.

99. Gallchobhair, ("gall:" Irish, a foreigner; "chobhair," help) his son; a quo O'Gallchobhair; A.D. 950.

100. Manus: his son.

101. Donoch (2): his son.

102. Amhailgadh [awly]: his son.

103. Donal (2): his son.

104. Dermod: his son.

105. Hugh (2): his son.

106. Maolruanaidh: his son.

107. Nichol: his son.

108. Donoch (3): his son.

109. Fergall: his son.

110. Hugh (3): his son.

111. Gillcoimdhe: his son.

112. Nichol (2): his son.

113. Eoin (or John): his son.

114. Hugh (4): his son.

115. Rory (2): his son.

116. John (2): his son.

117. Cormac Buidhe: his son.

118. John (3): his son.

119. Owen O'Galchor: his son.