Gafney family genealogy

Arms: Gu. a salmon naiant ppr. on a chief ar. a dexter hand apaumée of the first.

GOTHFRITH GAMHNACH, brother of Flaithbhearthach who is No.112 on the "Maguire" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacGamhnaigh; anglicised Gafney, MacGafney, and Chamney.

112. Gothfrith Gamhnach ("gamhnach:" Irish, a cow nearly dry, a stripper: son of Dunn Oge; a quo MacGamhnaigh.

113. Gothfrith Oge: his son.

114. Niall Mór: his son.

115. Murcha: his son.

116. Diarmaid: his son.

117. Niall: his son.

118. Toirdhealbhach (or Tirloch) MacGafney: his son.