Frend family genealogy

RICHARD CANE, the third son of Richard O'Cahan, of Larah Bryan, near Maynooth, co. Kildare, who is No.123 on the "O'Cahan" Genealogy, was, maternally, an ancestor of this family:

124. Richard Cane, of Larah Bryan: third son of Richard O'Cahan. Will dated 28th December, 1754. Married Anne Cane née Lyons, and had three sons— . Richard, 2. William-Lyons, 3. John.

125. William-Lyons Cane; second son of Richard; m. and had three sons—1. Richard-Duke Cane, who was Major in the 5th Dragoon Guards; 2. Hugh Cane, Captain in 22nd Regiment; and 3. Medlycott Cane.

126. Medlycott Cane: third son of William-Lyons Cane. Was in the 102nd Regiment, East Indies. This Medlycott Cane was twice married: first to a Miss Browne (sister of Mrs. Robert Wybrants), by whom he had Major James Cane, 23rd Regiment, father of Madame de Madrid; Medlycott's second marriage was to a Mrs. Bloomfield, née Bayly, dau. of John Bayly, Esq., of Newtown, co. Tipperary, by whom he had—1. John-Lyons Cane, 60th Regiment; 2. Jane Cane; 3. Richard Cane, who d. 1849.

127. Richard Cane: third son of Medlycott; m. Delia-Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Meade-Swift Dennis, of Union Hill, co. Westmeath (and sister of the late Thomas Stratford Dennis, Esq., of Fort Granite, co. Wicklow), and had—1. John Cane, d. s. p.; 2. Richard-Lyons Cane, d. s. p.; 3. James-Godfrey Cane, d. s. p.; 4. Delia-Maria Cane, of whom presently; 5. Elizabeth-Caroline Cane, living in 1883.

128. Delia-Maria Cane: dau. of Richard Cane; m. in 1856, Major Frend (d. 1858), 55th Regiment, and had—1. Albert-William-John Frend, b. 1857; 2. Delia-Hester-Ellen-Jane Frend, living in 1883.

129. Albert-William-John Frend, B.A.: son of Major Frend and Delia-Maria Cane; living in 1887.