Foy family genealogy

[1] Arms: Paly of eight sa. and ar. a crescent gu. Crest: An eel ppr.

FATHADH, a brother of Ainmireach who is No.94 on the "Lemon" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Fathaidh; anglicised Foy.

94. Fathadh ("fath:" Irish, skill; "adh," a beast of the Cow Kind): son of Aongus; a quo O'Fathaidh.

95. Furachar: his son.

96. Aongus: his son.

97. Flann: his son.

98. Colman: his son.

99. Fiochdha Salmhair: his son.

100. Colum: his son.

101. Allabhar ("allabhar:" Irish, savage, wild): his son; a quo O'Allabhair, anglicised Oliver.

102. Maonach: his son.

103. Cormac O'Fathaidh: his son.


[1] Foy: Of this family is Doctor George Mahood Foy, of Dublin, who was born on the 22nd December, 1847, at Cootehill, county Cavan. His father was John Foy, a merchant, who married Jane, daughter of Michael Murphy, J.P., agent to the third Earl of Bellamont, who was noted for his violent opposition to the Union of Great Britain and Ireland. Mr. Foy is Examiner in Anatomy to the Apothecaries' Hall.