Forbes (No.1) family genealogy

Of the Clann Ferbisigh

Arms: Ar. three bears' heads couped ar. muzzled gu.

AMHAILGADH, a younger brother of Eochaidh Breac who is No.89 on the "O'Shaughnessy" pedigree, was the ancestor of Clann Firbisigh; anglicised MacFirbis, and Forbes.

89. Amhailgadh: the third son of Dathi, the 127th Monarch of Ireland.

90. Feargus: his son.

91. Muireadhach: his son.

92. Conaing: his son.

93. Enna: his son.

94. Conchobhar na Conairte (or Connor of the Pack of Hounds): his son.

95. John: his son.

96. Lochlann, of Loch Conn, co. Mayo: his son.

97. Aongus: his son.

98. Domhnall Mór: his son.

99. Domhnall Oge: his son.

100. Fearbiseach ("fear:" Irish, a man; "biseach," prosperity, or the crisis of a disease; Heb. "bizza," increase): his son; a quo Clann Firbisigh.

101. Giolla Phadraig: his son; by whom St. Tighearnan,[1] the founder of the Abbey of Errew, in the parish of Crossmolina, near Lough Conn, was fostered.

102. Donnchadh: son of Giolla Phadraig.

103. John: his son.

104. Amhlaoibh: his son.

105. Domhnall, of the School: his son.

106. Giolla na Naomh: his son.

107. Fearbiseach: his son.

108. John Carrach: his son.

109. John Oge: his son.

110. Fearbiseach: his son.

111. Donchadh Mór: his son.

112. James: his son.

113. Diarmaid Caoch: his son.

114. Dubhaltach: his son.

115. Giolla Iosa Mór: his son.

116. Dubhaltach (or Duald) Oge MacFirbis: his son; the celebrated Compiler and Writer of "MacFirbis's Irish Genealogies;" living A.D. 1666; had three brothers, 1. Patrick, 2. Diarmaid, 3. James.


[1] St. Tighearnan: O'Donovan, in his "Tribes and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach," states that, as a relic of antiquity, Mias Tighearnain ("Tiearnan's dish, or platter"), which belonged to this saint, at the Abbey of Errew, Loch Conn, is preserved by the Knox family of Rappa Castle, near Crossmolina, county of Mayo.