Fogarty family genealogy

Lords of Eliogarty, Tipperary

Arms: Az. two lions ramp. combatant supporting a garb or, in dexter base a crescent ar., and in the sinister, the harp of Ireland.

CONAL CRIMTHANN, a brother of the Monarch Laeghaire, who is No. 88 on the "Connellan" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Fogharthaighe; anglicised Fogarty.

88. Conall Crimthann: son of Niall Mór or Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th Monarch of Ireland; was the first Christian King of Meath.

89. Fergus Cearbhall: his son.

90. Diarmaid [Dermod]: his son; the 5th Christian King, and 133rd Monarch of Ireland. Was slain at the battle of Rathbegg, by Hugh Dubh MacSweeney, King of Dal Araidhe (or Dalaradia), A.D. 558. Had an elder brother named Main, who was King of Meath next before him. It was in this Dermod's reign that the Royal Palace of Tara was deserted (see the Paper "Tara Deserted," in the Appendix).

91. Aodh (or Hugh) Slaine: son of Dermod; the 141st Monarch. Had a brother named Colman Mór, who was the sixth Christian King of Meath.

92. Dermod Ruanach: his son. Had a brother named Congall, who was the ancestor of O'Kelly, of Meath—one of "The Four Tribes of Tara;"[1] he had also another brother named Donoch, who was the ancestor of Mulvey or Mulvy. This Dermod Ruanach was the 149th Monarch of Ireland; and reigned jointly with his brother Bladhmic (or Bladhmac): both of whom died A.D. 664.

93. Cearnasotal: his son.

94. Niall: his son.

95. Fogharthach: his son; was the 157th Monarch. He had three brothers—1. Cumascach, who was ancestor of Burns; 2. Conall Greanta, ancestor of Breslin; and 3. Aodh (or Hugh) Laighen, who was the ancestor of Muldoon, of Meath.

96. Ceallach: son of Fogharthach.

97. Tolarg ("tol:" Irish, a churchyard: "arg," white or pale): his son; a quo O'Tolairg, anglicised Toler, and Tyler.

98. Fogharthach (2): his son.

99. Niull (2): his son.

100. Fogharthach ("fogharthach:" Irish, noisy): his son; a quo O'Fogharthaigh.

96. Conchobar: second son of Feargal, the 156th Monarch of Ireland.


[1] Tara: The "Four Tribes of Tara," were O'Hart, O'Kelly (of Meath), O'Connolly, and O'Regan.—Book of Rights.