Flood family genealogy

Of Ireland

[1] Arms: Vert a chev. betw. three wolves' heads erased ar.

CORMAC, a brother of Cairbre Cluitheachar, who is No. 87 on the "O'Dwyer" (of Leinster and Munster) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Loimthuile,[2] anglicised Lumley, and Flood.

87. Cormac: son of Cucorb.

88. Iomchadh: his son.

89. Treana: his son.

90. Labhradh: his son.

91. Lugdheach: his son.

92. Ceis: his son.

93. Treana (2): his son.

94. Lomthuile ("lom:" Irish, bare; "tuile," a flood): his son; a quo O'Loimthuile.[2]

95. Faolan: his son.

96. Furadhran: his son.

97. Ceallach: his son.

98. Nuadhad: his son.

99. Flann O'Loimthuile: his son.


[1] Flood: Henry Flood, a distinguished orator and statesman, who was born on the family estate near Kilkenny, in 1732, is believed to have been of this family; although his grandfather came to Ireland as an officer, during the war of 1641-1652. Henry Flood's father was Chief-Justice of the Queen's Bench, in Ireland. He entered Parliament in 1759 as member for Kilkenny, being the sixth of the name and family who sat in Parliament during the 18th century. He afterwards entered the British Parliament, and died at Farmley, near Kilkenny, on the 2nd December, 1791.

[2] O'Loimthuile: Meaning "the descendants of the man who was ruined by a flood."