Flinn family genealogy

Lords of Tuirtre, or Northern Clanaboy

[1] Arms: Ar. a dexter arm couped betw. two swords in pale all ppr.

FIACHRA TORT, a brother of Roghan, who is No. 86 on the "Mac Uais" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Flainn, of Tuirtre; anglicised O'Flinn, Flinn, Linn, Lyne, etc.

86. Fiachra Tort ("tort"or "toirt:" Irish, a cake, a little loaf, bulk): son of Colla Uais; a quo O'Tuirtre; and a quo the territory of Tuirtre, more lately known as Northern Clanaboy, now the baronies of "Toome," and "Antrim."

87. Eachin (meaning "a little horse"): his son; a quo O'Eakin and Eakins; had six brothers—1. Muireadach, 2. Cormac, 3. Main, 4. Laeghaire, 5. Aongus, 6. Nathi.

88. Fedhlim: son of Eachin; had five brothers.

89. Daire: his son.

90. Cuanach: his son; was King of Orgiall, as were also seven of his posterity.

91. Bec: his son; King of Orgiall; a quo Cineal Beice.

92. Fuadhran: his son; King of Orgiall; ancestor of Siol Cahesaidh (anglicised Casey), and of Siol Dubhghala.

93. Suibhneach: his son; King of Orgiall.

94. Maolfoghartach: his son.

95. Maolchobha: his son.

96. Reachtabrad: his son.

97. Inrachtach: his son; had a brother Fionnachtach.

98. Muireadach: son of Inrachtach; had a brother Longseach, who was the ancestor of O'Tuirtre, strangely translated Baker.

99. Flann ("flann:" Irish, blood, red): his son; a quo O'Flainn.

100. Fogharthach: his son.

101. Donagan: his son.

102. Aodh: his son.

103. Maciarann ("mac:" Irish, clear, pure, bright; "iarann," iron): his son; a quo O'Maciarainn, anglicised Steele.

104. Foghlogha: his son.

105. Eachdach: his son.

106. Ruadhri an Deoraidh ("an deoraidh:" Irish, the strong, or disobedient): his son; a quo Mac An Deoraidh, anglicised Dorey, and D'Orey.

107. Cumidhe: his son.

108. Cu-uladh an t-Sioda ("the Silken Ulster Warrior"): his son; a quo Cooley, Cooling, Cowley, Cully, and Colly.

109. Cumidhe: his son; had a brother Murtagh.

110. Alexander: his son.

111. Muirchearthach: his son.

112. Cu-uladh: his son.

113. Domhnall: his son.

114. Ruadhri O'Floinn: his son.


[1] Flinn: "Flinn" of Leinster is a branch of this family. In Connaught and Munster the name is spelled "Flynn," which is a distinct family from this stock. Of this family is Doctor D. Edgar Flinn, L.C.P., F.R.C.S., of Dublin; living in 1887.