Fitzpatrick (No.1) family genealogy

Princes of Ossory

Arms: Sa. a saltire ar. on a chief ar. three fleurs-de-lis or. Another: Az. six lions ramp. ar. three, two, and one.

CONLA, a younger brother of Lughaidh [Luy] who is No. 78 on the "O'Connor" (Faley) pedigree," was the ancestor of Mac Giolla Padraic; anglicised Mac Gillpatrick, and Fitzpatrick.

78. Conla: son of Bressal Breac, King of Leinster.

79. Nuadad: his son.

80. Carrthach: his son.

81. Labhradh: his son.

82. Lughaidh: his son.

83. Ailill: his son.

84. Sedna: his son.

85. Iar: his son.

86. Erc: his son.

87. Crimthann Mór: his son.

88. Æneas Ossaraidhe: his son; a quo the territory of Ossory ("ossaraidhe:" Irish, a porter, carrier) is so called; had a brother named Muireadach.

89. Laeghaire Bernbhradhach: son of Æneas Ossaraidhe; had a brother named Ronan.

90. Amhailgadh [awly]: his son.

91. Eochaidh: his son.

92. Niadhcorb: his son.

93. Buan: his son; a quo "Dal mBuain."

94. Cairbre Caomh: his son; had two brothers—1. Dron, 2. Niadh.

95. Conall: son of Cairbre Caomh.

96. Ruamanduach: his son.

97. Lagneach Faoladh: his son; had four brothers—1. St. Uibhne; 2. St. Ceanfola, bishop (8th April); 3. St. Ceallach, a deacon (7th Oct); 4. St. Conall (3rd March).

98. Eochaidh (called Beagneach) Caoch: son of Lagneach; had a brother, St. Ciaran, of Saighir (3rd March).

99. Colman: son of Eochaidh.

100. Ceannfaola: his son.

101. Scanlan Mór: his son; the 2nd King of Ossory.

102. Ronan Righfhlaith: his son.

103. Cronnmaol: his son.

104. Faelan: his son.

105. Cucaircheach: his son; living A.D. 710.

106. Anmchadh: his son: the 9th King of Ossory.

107. Fergal: his son.

108. Dungal: his son; the 14th King of Ossory.

109. Diarmuid (or Dermod): his son.

110. Cearbhall: his son; the 15th King of Ossory; had a brother Fionnan, who was the 16th King of Ossory.

111. Ceallach: son of Cearbhall; was the 17th King of Ossory; had a brother Dermod, who was the 19th King, and another brother Braonan ("braon:" Irish, a drop), a quo O'Braonain, anglicised O'Brenan, Brenan, and Brenon.

112. Donoch (or Doncha): son of Ceallach; was the 18th King of Ossory.

113. Donal: his son.

114. Giolla-Padraig ("giolla:" Irish, the devoted; "Padraig," of St. Patrick): his son; a quo MacGiolla Padraig.

115. Donoch: his son; slain A.D. 1039; was the 20th King of Ossory. Had a brother Teige who was the 22nd King, and who was blinded by this Donoch, A.D. 1026.

116. Donal MacGiolla Padraic: son of Donoch; first who assumed this sirname; died 1087.

117. Giollapadraic Ruadh: his son.

118. Scanlan: his son.

119. Donall Mór: his son; had a brother named Connor, who settled in Thomond, and who was the ancestor of Fitzpatrick, of Limerick and Clare.

120. Uilliam [William] Clannach: son of Donal Mór; was the ancestor of "Clann Donogh."

121. Geoffrey Baccach: his son: had a brother named Ostagan: ("osda:" Irish, a host; "gan," without), a quo "Clan Ostagain," anglicised Costigan.

122. Jeoffrey Fionn: son of Jeoffrey Baccach.

123. Donal: his son.

124. Donal Dubh: his son.

125. Flann (or Florence): his son.

126. Florence (2): his son.

127. Florence (3): his son.

128. Shane (or John): his son.

129. Brian: his son; created "Lord Baron of Upper Ossory," by Patent, dated 11th June, 1541; first of the family that assumed the sirname Fitzpatrick, instead of MacGiolla-Padraic, the Irish patronymic of the family; submitted to King Henry VIII., on 8th October, 1537.

130. Brian: son of Brian; a favourite to King Edward VI.; was Lord of Upper Ossory; only issue Margaret, who was wife of MacPiarras (or Bermingham). Had eight brothers—1. Florence, 3rd Baron, m. to Catherine Moore; 2. David; 3. Jeoffrey; 4. Tirlogh, who m. Ellen O'Moore, and had issue two sons—1. Donal, 2. Brian, and one dau. Kate. (This Donal m, Una MacNamara, and had a dau. Ellen, who m. Niall O'Neill, alias "Payne."—See "O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, No. 130); 5. Dermod; 6. John; 7. Ceallach; 8. Teige.

131. Teige, 4th Baron, living 1627: son of Florence, the 3rd Baron; had a brother John, m. to Mabel St. John, and had a son Florence. This Teige had a son Barnaby, the 5th Baron (1639), who had Brian, the 6th Baron (1664), who had Brian, the 7th Baron (1731).

132. Florence: son of John and Mabel; m. to Bridget Darcy, of Platen.

133. John: their son. Married to Elizabeth Butler, and had two sons—1. Edward (1696), s. p.; 2. Richard.

134. Richard (d. 1727): second son of John; created "Lord Gowran,"[1] 1729. Married Anne Robinson, and had two sons—1. John; 2. Richard, m. to Anne Usher.

135. John, 2nd Lord Gowran, and 1st Viscount, 1758: son of Richard; had two sons—1. John, 2. Richard.

136. John Fitzpatrick, 2nd Viscount: son of John; m. Anne Liddell.


[1] Gowran: This Richard Fitzpatrick, Lord Gowran, was a distinguished naval commander. Entering the Naval Service, he was in May, 1687, appointed to a command, and signalized himself in several actions against the French. William III. granted him an estate in the Queen's County. On the accession of George I., he was created "Baron Gowran," and took his seat in the Irish Parliament. He died on the 9th June, 1727, leaving two sons, the eldest of whom afterwards became "Earl of Upper Ossory."