Ferguson family genealogy

Of Ulster

[1] Arms: Az. a fess. betw. a star of eight rays in chief and a lion ramp. in base all or. Crest: A lance in pale broken ppr. the head hanging down or, ferrule gold.

FEARGHUS, a son of Eoghan, who is No. 88 on the (No. 1) "O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacFearghusa; anglicised MacFearghus, O'Feargus, Fergus, and Ferguson.

88. Eoghan: son of Niall Mór, the 126th Monarch of Ireland.

89. Fearghus: his son.

90. Aodh: his son.

91. Laoghaire: his son.

92. Forannan: his son.

93. Fioghal: his son.

94. Culena: his son.

95. Fearghus: his son.

96. Cinaodh: his son.

97. Maolcaoch: his son.

98. Branagan: his son.

99. Maolpadraic: his son.

100. Ceallach: his son.

101. Maolcamhghal: his son.

102. Colgan: his son.

103. Ceallach: his son.

104. Mathghamhan: his son.

105. Fearghus ("fear:" Irish, a man; "gus," strength): his son; a quo MacFearghusa.

106. Aodh MacFearghusa: his son.


[1] Ferguson: Of this family was the late kind and good Sir Samuel Ferguson, Deputy Keeper of the Public Records in Ireland, and President of the Royal Irish Academy, who died in 1886.