Farrell family genealogy

Of Waterford

Crest: A dexter hand erect appaumée gules. Motto: Prodesse non nocere.

WALTER FARRELL, married Honora Henneberry (whose sister, Margaret, m. Richard de Courcy), and had issue: 1. Patrick, 2. Peter, 3. John.

2. John Farrell, the third son, m. Alice, 3rd child of Richard Bermingham by Frances White, his wife, and had: 1. Honora, 2. Walter, 3. Richard, 4. Mary, 5. Frances, 6. Patrick, 7. Peter, 8. John.

3. Walter, the eldest son, married. Bridget, dau. of John Reville by Mary O'Brien (recté Ni-Brien), his wife, and had eleven children, nine of whom d. s. p. He acquired by purchase St. Saviour's or Black Friars Abbey, Waterford, which was established by King Henry III. in 1235 at the request of the citizens for the Dominican Order; and also some house property adjoining. Part of this was subsequently demolished for city improvements. The rest remains in the family.

Richard Farrell, the 2nd son, b. 1771, m. 1808 Mary Ann, 3rd child of Robert-Thomas Power (son of Thomas Power by Mary Cummins his wife), by his wife, Mary Doyle (eldest child of John Doyle by his wife, Alice Russell, nee Spencer); and has: 1. Mary, 2. John, of whom presently; 3. Robert, 4. Richard, 5. Robert, 6. Walter, 7. Edward, 8. Alicia, of whom presently; 9. Maria, living unm. in 1887; 10. Thomas, 11. Marcus, 12. Charles, 13. Thomas.

Richard, living in 1887, youngest child of the aforesaid Walter Farrell and Bridget Reville, married Mary Downey, living in 1887, and has: 1. Kate, 2. Mary, twins; 3. Walter, 4. Annie, 5. John, 6. Gertrude, 7. Alice, 8. Richard, 9. Augustine, 10. Margaret-Mary, 11. Francis, 12. Frances, all living, unm., in 1887, in Waterford, except Annie, who is in the Sister of Mercy Convent, Rochester, N.Y.; and Francis, who died in infancy.

Alicia (b. 1817, living in 1887), 8th child of the foresaid Richard Farrell and Mary Ann Power, m. in 1848 John Flynn, of Kilkenny, widower (b. 1806, living in 1887), son of James Flynn of Limerick by his wife, Catherine O'Connor (recté Ni-Connor) of Wexford; and has: 1. Mary-Anne (b. 1849), living in 1887, in the Passionist Convent, Mamers, France; 2. Alice, of whom presently; 3. Richard, 4. Richard-Joseph, 5. Mary, 6. Mary-Agnus, 7. Robert, living in 1887; 8. Alphonsus, of whom presently; 9. John-Aloysius, of whom presently.

Alice, living in 1887, the second child of Alicia, married Richard Dempsey, and has: 1. Mary-Alicia, 2. Clement-Thomas.

Alphonsus, 8th child of Alicia, m. Florence Dempsey (both living in 1887) and has had: 1. John-Archibald, who died an infant; 2. Richard-Clement, 3. Bertha, 4. Walter-Henry, the three last living in 1887, in Dublin.

John Aloysius, of Orange Grove Estate, Luckhardt, Sydney (living in 1887), 9th child, married Mary Leonard, and has: 1. Alicia-Mary, 2. Richard-Patrick.

4. John Farrell, eldest son of the aforesaid Richard Farrell by Mary Ann Power, m. his first cousin, 10th child of Walter Farrell and Bridget Reville, and has eight children, of whom four now survive (in 1887).

5. Walter Farrell, the second son of these, was b. 1865, living, unm., in 1887, in London.