Falvey family genealogy

Lords of Corcaguiney, County Kerry

ACCORDING to some authorities this family[1] descends from Cairbre Riada, son of the Irish Monarch Conaire II., who (see the "Genealogy of the Kings of Dalriada," in the Appendix) is No. 88 on "The Genealogy of the Kings of Dalriada;" but, according to others, the family was descended from Eocha, who was a son of Cairbre Musc, a brother of Cairbre Riada, above mentioned. From this Eocha the following is the pedigree:

88. Conaire II., the 111th Monarch of Ireland; d. A.D. 165.

89. Cairbre Musc: his son.

90. Eocha: his son.

91. Crimthann: his son.

92. Lorcan: his son.

93. Tuathal: his son.

94. Alioll: his son.

95. Dungal: his son.

96. Maolruanaidh: his son.

97. Tomaltach: his son.

98. Morogh: his son.

99. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

100. Duach: his son.

101. Dubhcron: his son.

102. Colga: his son.

103. Failbhe ("failbhe": Irish, lively): his son; a quo O'Failbhe; anglicised O'Falvey, and Falvey.

104. Lugaidh: his son.

105. Maonagh: his son.

106. Donach: his son.

107. Donall: his son.

108. Ceallach: his son.

109. Dermod: his son.

110. Connor: his son.

111. Brian: his son.

112. Conall: his son.

113. Cormac: his son.

114. Turlogh: his son.

115. Teige: his son; had two brothers, Donall and Thomas.

116. Thomas Oge: son of Teige.

117. John: his son; had a brother James.

118. Teige: son of John.

119. James: his son; had a brother named Donall.

120. Hugh: son of James.

121. Patrick: his son.

122. John: his son; living in 1641.

123. James: his son.

124. Donall: his son; living in 1718; had a brother named John.

125. Donall: son of Donall; had a brother named Dermod, who was commonly called "Jeremy," who was educated in Bandon, and was ordained a Catholic Priest in the city of Cork.

126. John: son of Donall (No. 125); b. at Drumkeen, near Inishannon, county Cork, barony of East Carbery, on 24th June, 1785; emigrated to New York in 1831. This John married Joanna Donovan of Bandon, who had two brothers—1. Denis, a wheelwright who died in America: 2. Jeremiah, who entered the Mexican War.

127. Thomas O'Falvey, of Taunton, Mass., United States, America: his son; living in 1886.


[1] Family: The O'Falveys were admirals of Desmond. In ancient times they were chiefs of Corca Duibhne and of the territory from the Mang, westward to Fiontraigh (or "Ventry.") Corca Duibhne, is now the barony of "Corcaguiney," in the county Kerry.