Edmundson family genealogy

Arms: Az. a tower triple towered supported by two lions ramp. ar. as many chains descending from the battlements betw. the lions' legs or.

EDMOND KELLY, the third son of Donoch O'Kelly who is No. 113 on the "O'Kelly" (Hy-Maine) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacEimhain, or MacEmuin, ("eimh:" Irish, brisk, active, quick), anglicised MacEdmond, and modernized Edmundson,[1] Edmonds, and Edwards.

114. Edmond Kelly: son of Donoch O'Kelly; a quo MacEimhain.

115. Edmond Oge: his son.

116. Connor: his son.

117. William Kelly: his son; the first who was called MacEdmond.

118. Edmond MacEdmond: his son.

119. Conor: his son.

120. William: his son.

121. Edmond Ruadh MacEdmond, of Gaill: his son.


[1] Edmundson: William Edmundson, the father of Quakerism in Ireland, was born at Little Musgrove, Westmoreland, in 1627. He served as a trooper under Cromwell, through the campaigns in England and Scotland. In 1652 he left the army, married, joined his brother (who was also a Parliamentary trooper) in Ireland, and opened a shop at Antrim. In 1654 he and his brother, his wife and others whom he had converted, held at Lisburn the first meeting of the Quakers' Society in Ireland. In consequence of his preaching, and that of George Fox, and other expounders of the doctrine of Quakerism, the Society of Friends gained many converts in Ireland, chiefly among the English colonists of the Cromwellian Settlement. After some years' sojourn in Antrim, he removed to Rosenallis, near Mountmellick, where he died on the 31st August, 1712. It is believed that this William Edmundson was of this family.