Dunne (No.3) family genealogy

Of Ards

Arms: Same as those of "Dunne" (No. 1).

TIRLOGH, brother of Teige O'Doyne, who is No. 123 on the "Dunne" (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of Dunn of Ards, in the Queen's County.

123. Tirlogh: son of Teige (3).

124. John, of Kilvavan: his son; next in remainder to the estate of Castlebrack, in case of the extinction of the line of his elder brother Teige (Deed 21st Feb., 1616.)

125. Terence (or Tirlogh), of Kilvavan, afterwards of Ards, in the Queen's Co.: his son; died 1680.

126. John, of Ards: his son; died 1726.

127. Terence, of Ards: his son.

128. Lawrence: his second son; whose elder brother Terence died without issue.

129. James, of Ards: son of Lawrence; died in 1841; had two brothers—1. John, 2. Lawrence.

130. Rev. John Dunn, of Ards: son of James; living in 1847.

131. Terence Dunn: his son.