Dugan family genealogy

Chiefs of Fermoy

Arms: Quarterly, az. and erm. in the 1st and 4th quarter a griffin's head or. Crest: A talbot statant ppr. collared ar.

FERGUS MOR (Fergus MacRoy), King of Ulster, who is No. 64 on the "Line of Ir," was founder of this family.

65. Fionfailig: son of Fergus Mór, King of Ulster.

66. Firglin: his son.

67. Firgil: his son.

68. Firdeicit: his son.

69. Cumascagh: his son; a quo O'Coscridh, anglicé Cosgrave.

70. Mogh Ruith: his son. This was a famous Druid called "Mogh Ruith" (Magus Rotae), from his having made a wheel, the Ruitha-Ramhar, by means of which he was enabled to ascend into the air, in presence of an astonished multitude.

71. Labhra: his son.

72. Dethi: his son.

73. Sarglinn: his son.

74. Suirce: his son.

75. Laiscre: his son.

76. Iolainn: his son.

77. Magnan: his son.

78. De-Thaile: his son.

79. Congan-Gairin: his son.

80. Ceallach: his son.

81. Dailgaile: his son.

82. Muircheardoig: his son.

83. Lomainig: his son.

84. Dubhagan:[1] his son; a quo O'Dubhagain, anglicised O'Dugan, Dugan, Duggan,[2] and Doogan.

85. Hugh: his son.

86. Dermod: his son.

87. Melaghlin: his son.

88. Conor: his son.

89. Hugh (2): his son.

90. Donal: his son.


[1] Dubhagan, which means a "dark-featured, small-sized, man."

[2] Duggan: Of this family was Peter Paul Duggan, an artist, born in Ireland, who early in life went to the United States, America, developed a taste for art, and ultimately became Professor in the New York Free Academy. Though the crayon was his favourite medium, he occasionally painted a masterly head in oil. For many years an invalid, he latterly resided near London, and died in Paris on the 15th October, 1861. And of this family was Doctor James Duggan, whose name is mentioned in the Second Charter granted in 1828 to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.