Donnelly family genealogy

Arms: Sa. three fleurs-de-lis ar. Crest: A church and spire ppr.

BAODAN, the second son of Tuatan who is No. 94 on the "O'Hart" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Dongealaighe; anglicised Donnelly.

94. Tuatan: son of Tuathal Maolgharbh.

95. Baodan: his son.

96. Failbhe: his son.

97. Faolchu (or Finchu): his son.

98. Dubhdinna: his son; had nine sons.

99. Lergus (or Fergus): his son.

100. Cumascach: his son.

101. Fergal: his son. This Fergal had two brothers—1. Cathal, a quo MacCahill and Cahill of Ulster; 2. Dungal.

102. Dungal (more properly Dongealach: "Don:" Irish, high, noble; "gealach," the moon: from "geal:" Irish, white; Welsh "gole," the light): son of Fergal; a quo O'Dongealaighe. This Dungal had two brothers—1. Maolfiona (maolfiona: Irish, "the devotee of wine"), a quo O'Maolfhiona [1] anglicised Mulleny, O'Mulvany, O'Mulvena, Omulvena, O'Mulveny, Melveny, O'Melvena, Omelvena, O'Molina, Mulvena, Melvin, McIlvena, MacIlwane; 2. Gabhadhan, a quo Gavan, etc.

103. Cuinin: his son.

104. Aongus: his son; had a brother named Fergal.

105. Cathal: son of Aongus.

106. Cubuidhe (or "the yellow warrior"): his son; a quo O'Conbhuidhe, anglicised Convy, etc.

107. Padraic O'Donnelly: his son.


[1] O'Maolfhiona: One of this family, named Melaghlin O'Mulvany, who died, A.D. 1376, was poet and historian to O'Cahan, or O'Kane.—(See O'Curry's "Lectures," page 82.)