Donnellan (No.2) family genealogy

Lords of Massarene

Arms: Ar. a dexter arm couped betw. two swords in pale all ppr.

FINACHTACH, brother of Inrachtach who is No. 97 on the "Flin" (of North Clanaboy) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Donnellan, of Orgiall.

97. Finachtach: son of Rachtabrad.

98. Longseach: his son.

99. Hugh: his son.

100. Dubhsineach ("dubh:" Irish, black; "sineach," a wen): his son.

101. Maolcraobh ("craobh:" Irish, a bough): his son; a quo O'Craoibhe, of Ulster, anglicised Creagh,[1] Creaghe, and Crabbe.

102. Donallan: his son; a quo O'Donallain; had a brother named Muireigean.

103. Dubhdarach: son of Donallan.

104. Caillidh [2]: his son.

105. Connor O'Donnellan: his son.


[1] Creagh: Some genealogists are of opinion that the "Creagh," of Munster, family is a branch of the O'Neill, of Ulster: but that is a mistake: those Creaghs are descended from the O'Neills, of the county Clare—See p. 242.

[2] Caillidh: This name, which signifies "one who loses," is derived from the Irish, caill, "to lose" (Heb. cal, "to fail"); and seems to be the root of the Heb. calah, "he faileth."