Donnellan (No.1) family genealogy

Of Connaught

Arms: Ar. a fesse betw. three stags' heads caboosed gu. Crest: A greyhound sejant ar.

CATHAL, brother of Inrachtach, who is No. 98 on the "O'Beirne" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Donallain; anglicised Donnellan, Donalan, Donelan, and Donlan.

98. Cathal: son of Muredach; a quo Clann Cathail, anglicised Charley and Charles. This Cathal was the 18th Christian King of Connaught.

99. Ardgall: his son; "died a saint at Hye, in Scotland, A.D. 786;" had a brother named Dubhionracht, who was the 22nd King of Connaught and the ancestor of O'Muireadhaigh ("muir:" Irish, the sea; "eadhach," a protector or a garment), meaning "the descendants of the man who protected the sea;" or, "who wore garments suited to the sea;" or, "sea-protector;" and anglicised Murray.

100. Ceneth: his son; had a brother named Onchu, who was the ancestor of O'Maolmocheirghe ("moch:" Irish, early, and "eirigh," to rise; Lat. "erig-o"), of Connaught, anglicised Mulmochery, Early and Eardley. (See No. 96 on the "O'Brassil West" pedigree for another O'Maolmocheirghe family.)

101. Moroch: son of Ceneth.

102. Donnallan (or little Donnall) his son; a quo O'Donallain, lords of the territory of Clann Cathail, of Connaught; had a brother named Flannagan, a quo O'Flannagain ("one of the twelve great lords of Cruaghan, in the county Roscommon"), and anglicised Flanagan.

103. Cathal (or Charles): son of Donallan.

101. Ardgal O'Donnellan: his son; first of the family that assumed this sirname.

105. Luaghlais ("luaghlais:" Irish, fetters): his son; a quo O'Luaghlais, anglicised Lawless.

106. Cathal: his son.

107. Flann Buaidh ("buaidh:" Irish, victory; Heb. "buagh," to exult): his son.

108. Amhailgadh: his son.

109. Flann (or Florence) Oge: his son.

110. Malachi: his son.

111. Cormac: his son; had a brother named Tuathal, who was the ancestor of Donnellan, of Rosse.

112. Florence: son of Cormac.

113. Teige: his son.

114. John: his son; had a brother named Tuathal Mór, who was the ancestor of Donnellan, of Ballydonnellan, Leitrim, Cloghan, etc.; and who, A.D. 1532, "built the Chapel of Kilconnell."

115. Daniel: son of John; had three brothers—1. John Oge, 2. Padraic Ruadh, 3. Amhailgadh.

116. Daniel Oge: son of Daniel.

117. Teige: his son.

118. Malachi O'Donnellan: his son.