Don-Levi family genealogy

See Dunlevy, Princes of Ulidia

[1] THIS is the Gallic form of the Irish Mac Dunsleibhe family, Princes of Ulidia, in Ulster. The Hereditary Prince [2] of that territory, for his devotion to King James II., had in 1691 to quit Ireland and retire to France, where he died, at the Archbishopric of Treves, leaving an only son and heir—Andrew Maurice, who was born in Ireland, and d. at Coblentz on the 19th June, 1751. From him the descent was as follows:

1. Andrew Maurice Don Levi, b. in Ireland; Lieutenant-Governor of Treves; d. at Coblentz on 19th June, 1751, leaving four children:

I. Christien-François, of whom presently.

II. Wolfgang-Frederic, born at Coblentz, on 15th July, 1738, and d. at Coblentz in 1763.

III. Wolfgang-Hartmann, b. at Coblentz, 1740; d. at Coblentz, 1823, leaving two children, a son and a daughter.

I. Ferdinand, born at Coblentz, and d. in the French Army.

I. The daughter, b. at Coblentz, and m. in Paris.

I. Charlotte Don Levi, born at Coblentz, I4t,h August, 1736; dau. of Andrew-Maurice, and of Anna-Margueritta Flamin.

2. Christien-Francois: son of Andrew-Maurice Don Levi; b. at Coblentz, 17th July, 1734; m. Ursule Fisher, and had two sons:

I. Joseph-Micliael, born at Leibnertiz, in Styria (Austria), on 27th July, 1768; d. 31st May, 1811, at Vienna Leopoldstadt.

II. John.

3. John: second son of Christien-François, b. at Leibernitz, in Styria, 24th Sept., 1770; m. Thecla Kormorska; d. at Berdyczou, Voligny, in Russian Poland, leaving four children:

I. Etienne-Stanislaus, of whom presently.

II. John, b. at Berdyczou 19th August, 1814.

I. Helene, b. at Kolodno (Voligny), district of the Town Dubno.

II. Mary, born at Berdyczou in 1809. Was twice married; the second marriage was to a Major in the Russian Army, named Matheu, by whom she has children; living in Poland 1881.

4. Etienne-Stanislaus: son and heir of John Don Levi and Thecla Komorska; b. at Berdyczou, 26th December, 1811 (old style), or 7th January, 1812 (new style); m. at Paris in 1850 Jane-Louisa Potelet, a native of Dijon, in Burgundy; no children. Living in Paris in 1887.


[1] Don-Levi: Andrew Donlevy, D.D., LL.D., was born in 1694, it is thought in the county Sligo. In 1710 he repaired to Paris, and studied there in the Irish College, of which he ultimately rose to be Prefect. In 1742 he published at Paris the Catechism of the Christian Doctrine, a work still in extensive circulation. He died some time after 1761.

[2] Prince: This Hereditary Prince of Ulidia, on the fall of King James II., quitted Ireland for France, taking with him his only son and heir—Andrew-Maurice, then a boy; but left behind him his wife who remained in full possession of all his property. His widow (who died in 1708) married in Ireland Count O'Donnell, by whom she left no children. It appears that, till his death (in 1751) her son, Andrew-Maurice Don Levi, above mentioned, after he had attained his majority, received the rents of the landed property (situate in the counties of Down and Antrim, in Ireland), which had belonged to his father.