Doherty (No.2) family genealogy

Arms: Same as those of "Doherty" (No. 1).

ACCORDING to Dr. O'Donovan's Antiquities[1] of the county Donegal (at end of Vol. II.), Aodh, a brother of Brian Dubh who is No. 121 on the (foregoing) "Dogherty" pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family:

121. Aodh: a younger son of Donal (6).

122. Shane Mór: his son.

123. Cormac Carrach: his son.

124. Brian Gruamach: his son.

125. Cumhaighe: his son.

126. Diarmaid: his son; living in 1608; was contemporary with Sir Cahir O'Doherty.

127. Niall a-Churaigh: son of Diarmaid.

128. Cahir: his son.

129. Owen: his son.

130. Cahir: his son.

131. Donogh: his son.

132. Shane: his son.

133. Donal: his son.

134. John (or Shane) O'Doherty: his son; "was a little boy in 1840."


[1] Antiquities: Preserved in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.