Dinan family genealogy

Arms: Ar. on a mount in base vert an oak tree, the stem entwined with two serpents interwoven and erect respecting each other all ppr. Crest: An owl at gaze ppr.

DOIGHNAN, brother of Beice who is 98 on the "Fox" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Doighnain; anglicised O'Dugenan, Dinan, Dinnen, Dignum, and Hope.

98. Doighnan ("doigh;" Irish, hope; Gr. "do-keo," to think): son of Tagan; a quo O'Doighnain.

99. Naomhach: his son.

100. Philip: his son.

101. Paul an Fionn: his son.

102. Luke: his son.

103. Augustin: his son.

104. Malachi Ruadh: his son.

105. Magnus (or Mór): his son.

106. Dealbhbaoth: his son.

107. Magnus (2): his son.

108. Malachi (2): his son.

109. Magnus (3): his son.

110. Jerome: his son.

111. John Ballach: his son.

112. Francis: his son.

113. John Ballach O'Dugenan: his son.